Aug 19, 2022
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The ex-wife of Pierre Narcisse first responded to rumors about his mistress and illegitimate child

After the death of Pierre Narcisse, as often happens, all kinds of evil spirits began to creep into the public space in the form of mistresses and illegitimate children.

A certain Xenia Green stated that she lived with a “chocolate hare” and they dreamed of getting married and having a baby. Where this woman came from and who is behind her is unknown, but, judging by her appearance, some have speculated that they dug up an age-old beauty in the nearest rehab for alcoholics or on a leisure site.

The ex-wife of Pierre Narcisse first responded to rumors about his mistress and illegitimate child

The woman communicates with journalists with might and main and talks about unearthly love with Narcissus and even about sex with him.

True, despite the “life together and plans for the wedding,” Ksenia Green did not participate in the funeral for a penny, but she stood at the coffin and sobbed to the camera like a beluga. Then another rumor appeared that a certain woman had an illegitimate son from Narcissus and a boy, oh how similar to him, and probably also dreams of becoming an artist …

All this time, the ex-wife of the singer Valery Kalacheva and his friends remained silent, watching the circus. But here, the woman could not resist commenting.

“The former and real wife of Pierre was and will be me, whether they like it or not. Pierre has always lived with me. Just because we got divorced doesn’t mean we didn’t live together. On emotions, we could tear the passport. All this is nonsense. We’ve always stuck together. If someone hangs out with Pierre for two days after the party, and then considers himself his wife, that’s their problem. Pierre has no illegitimate children, otherwise he would not hide it. We talked to the last, I was with him in the hospital. Only I know about his relationship. That’s all, ”said Valeria, who is raising her daughter from Narcissus.

The director of the late artist, Sergei Dvortsov, did not stand aside, noting that a woman named Ksenia Green had nothing to do with him.

“Ksenia Grinne has nothing to do with Pierre. You can say whatever you want. Now is such a difficult period for Pierre’s family, for me. Pierre did not have illegitimate children and cannot have. As for mistresses, they also cannot be. It’s all unnecessary people and suckers. I followed and observed it. The concierges of the house in which Pierre lived never saw other women with him. So until we get proof that Pierre has illegitimate children, I urge his fans not to believe in this duck. Now, in the name of Pierre, those who had selfish goals are being promoted. I turn to Ksenia Green, now there is no need to say that he wanted children. He didn’t want them. He has an only daughter, Karolina-Kristel. In recent years, Pierre valued relations with Leroy. They were divorced, but Pierre wanted her back,” said the showman.

But, something tells us that the freaks will not stop and the show will continue for some time.

The ex-wife of Pierre Narcisse first responded to rumors about his mistress and illegitimate child

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