Jun 5, 2022
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The ex-wife of Grigory Leps is incredibly younger


Lena Miro was surprised by the appearance of the ex-wife of singer Grigory Leps.

The well-known blogger Lena Miro was surprised when she saw how the ex-wife of Grigory Leps Anna Shaplykova looks now. Six months after the divorce, she unusually prettier and younger.

Transformed from an older woman almost into a girl. What cosmetic procedure could give a similar effect? And the point here is not in cosmetology, but in internal sensations. If a person is well, then he looks great.

Ex-wife of Grigory Leps
Ex-wife of Grigory Leps

You look the way you feel. When you are happy, the light from within breaks through and out”, Miro wrote on LiveJournal.

The blogger believes that Shaplykova is happy precisely because of her divorce from the musician. Lena believes that most divorced women, on the contrary, become discouraged. “For them, divorce is not the end of suffering, but the beginning of new ones.,” said the pen shark.

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