Jul 2, 2020
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The ex-wife of Eduard Uspensky confirmed the rumors of domestic violence in his family: “He did not like children”

The ex-wife of Eduard Uspensky confirmed the rumors of domestic violence in his family: "He did not like children"

Eduard Uspensky / Eleanor Filin

An open letter to the daughter of the late writer Eduard Uspensky from her first marriage, Tatyana, continues in the Russian media, in which she says that she was constantly subjected to domestic violence by her father in her childhood, and opposes the name of the prize in the field of children’s literature.

The other day, one of the writer’s ex-wives, 58-year-old Eleanor Filin, spoke on this subject. In a conversation with the Zvezda television channel, the TV presenter supported the letter to the writer’s daughter and admitted that Uspensky was cruel not only to Tatyana, but also to herself and her son. Filina said that her child was constantly suffering from the aggression of his adoptive father, who made scandals literally at every step. Eleanor clarified that the writer’s daughter from a previous marriage had been tormented all her life due to a difficult relationship with Ouspensky.

Eleanor OwlEleanor Owl

Tatyana, so to speak, suffered from this all her life. And with me, and without me – before me, let’s say so. I saw it all and more than once I spoke with him on this subject, to put it mildly,

– told Filin.

The journalist and music editor recalled that after breaking up with Ouspensky (they were married from 2005 to 2011) already talked about the unhealthy situation in the writer’s family. Eleanor added that she does not detract from the talent of the late ex-spouse, but she opposed the fact that the children’s literary prize should be named after a person who “did not like children and treated them badly.”

For example, in the programs where he was discussed, he is completely different, charming – that is, a different mask,

– told Filin about her ex-husband.

Eduard Uspensky and Eleanor FilinEduard Uspensky and Eleanor Filin

Recall that the writer’s daughter from her first marriage published an open letter about her father’s cruelty after the Russian State Children’s Library announced a competition for the Eduard Uspensky Prize logo. After this, Tatyana’s words about the author of stories about Cheburashka and Prostokvashino were confirmed by their family friend, writer Valentin Postnikov. At the same time, the director of the Russian State Children’s Library, Maria Vedenyapina, told MBH Media that she would not remove the name of Eduard Uspensky from the name of the award. In her opinion, the personal qualities of a writer should not be considered when it comes to Ouspensky’s enormous contribution to literature.

Eduard Uspensky

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