Oct 15, 2021
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The ex-wife of Alexander Serov is afraid for his life


Singer Alexander Serov ended up in intensive care due to coronavirus.

The artist is still in intensive care with extensive lung damage. The artist was hospitalized about a week ago, but so far the doctors have not been able to stabilize the condition of the 67-year-old singer, who contracted a coronavirus infection.

Despite the fact that there is no good news from the hospital yet, Serov’s relatives are trying not to lose hope that he will be able to cope with the disease. True, it is increasingly difficult for them to remain optimistic because of the incoming news from the clinic.

The ex-wife of the artist Elena made a statement on the topic of the ailment of her ex-husband. In her message, she turned to Serov with a request.

Alexander Serov
Alexander Serov

Sash, a lot of people love you! You brought a lot of good to this world. We still need you! Live! Love you!“Elena said.

It is worth noting that the day before, a close friend of Alexander, Igor Krutoy, addressed the public. He said that he could no longer help his friend and called everyone to pray for his life. The composer is in touch with the doctors who are saving the life of the singer.

Recall that Valery Leontyev is also in the same hospital. Although the singer’s representative denied the fact of hospitalization, the location of the sick Leontyev was accidentally declassified by Krutoy.

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