Aug 13, 2022
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The ex-wife of Alexander Malinin is not surprised that people do not want to go to his concerts


The concert of singer Alexander Malinin was canceled because no tickets were bought.

The ex-wife of Alexander Malinin severely criticized his work. Olga Zarubina believes that the audience is no longer interested in the performances of the star of romances, and the point is not at all the high cost of tickets to the concert.

These days, Alexander Malinin and his son Nikita were supposed to perform in Gelendzhik. However, the concerts had to be canceled due to low demand – even a third of the audience was not redeemed. Now the organizers are refunding the money for the purchased seats. In addition, Anna Semenovich and the Zemlyane group found themselves in a similar situation. Box office workers believe that the inflated price was the reason for the cancellation of the artist’s performance. However, Malinin’s ex-wife has a completely different opinion.

Alexander Malinin - photo from the archive -
Alexander Malinin – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Here the material side of the issue – the fact that people have no money – is not the main one. For other artists, tickets are bought well! I think that the low sales are due to the fact that our show business has become stagnant. Lately this can be seen clearly. People are tired of listening to stagnant mothballs. Now there are many foreign performers who are reshaping the thinking of our people. They show them what vocals are, how to sing. In general, what is real music that should fill people with emotions. And not just mutter something under your breath!“, – says the 63-year-old performer.

As for Malinin, then Olga Vladimirovna admitted that everything was expected here. “It was a discovery for me that they used to buy tickets for a lot of money,” says the star. “That was a surprise for me.”

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