Jun 23, 2022
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The ex-wife of Alexander Malinin drags out a beggarly existence


The ex-wife of singer Alexander Malinin, Olga Zarubina, complained about her pension.

63-year-old Olga Zarubina complained that she still has to work hard to support herself, because the pension that the artist receives is not enough even for household needs. According to the celebrity, she is given the minimum payments, like most ordinary citizens, and she has no allowances.

I receive the same pension as everyone else – 11 thousand rubles. Plus, like all residents of Moscow, I have an allowance of 10 thousand rubles. The result is 21,000. I don’t get any more money from the state. I know that many artists have an allowance of 30 thousand rubles for the title. But I don’t seem to deserve it.”, – complained the ex-wife of Alexander Malinin.

Alexander Malinin - photo from the archive -
Alexander Malinin – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Indeed, Zarubina was not honored with any regalia – she is neither a folk artist nor an honored artist. At one time, the singer did not bother to receive these insignia, because in the 90s she tried to arrange life in the USA. The performer of the hit “Music plays on the boat” returned to Russia only in 2007 and tried to break through to the stage again. Now the singer gives concerts, appears on popular talk shows, otherwise she cannot survive.

I give for an apartment – and what remains there? For food, however, very modest. This is not a pension, but tears! Handout!”, – the artist was indignant in an interview with Pro Stars.

Recall that Zarubina was married to Malinin for two years. They got married in 1983, and a couple of years later they divorced due to constant scandals and betrayals. At the same time, the singer gave birth to a daughter, Kira, whose father she later named her ex-wife.

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