Jun 23, 2022
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The ex-wife of Alexander Kerzhakov announced the violence of the official


The ex-wife of Alexander Kerzhakov, Milana, spoke about what the powers that be allow.

Milana Tyulpanova spoke about the terrible episode of her life that she had to endure. As it turned out, in the midst of a scandalous divorce from Alexander Kerzhakov, she became a victim of violence by an official.

As you know, after the breakup, the football player tried to take the child away from the ex-wife, accusing the mother of inappropriate behavior and addiction. Having lost her father, Milana felt defenseless in the fight against the brutalized Kerzhakov and sought help from influential people. Through acquaintances, she came to an authority who promised her to resolve all issues with her ex-husband.

Milana Tyulpanova - photo from the archive -
Milana Tyulpanova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Milana said that she was invited to a private meeting with an official in a restaurant where a terrible thing happened. Having posted guards at the entrance and closed the cameras inside the premises, he took advantage of Tyulpanova. Milana for a long time did not dare to publicly talk about what had happened.

This is not a family friend, through acquaintances I was brought to him. He invited me to a meeting in Moscow, there was a convoy from the guards in the restaurant. I went into a separate room to see him, we started talking, then I look, he closed the door, then threw something on the camera … This was the situation“, – admitted Milan.

The name of her offender Tyulpanova did not name, as she fears for her safety. After the incident in the restaurant, by the way, the ex-wife of Kerzhakova began to devote a lot of time to supporting other girls with similar life experiences.

The other day, Anastasia Reshetova also spoke about the violence she experienced. She admitted that her former lover systematically raised his hand to her.

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