Jun 30, 2020
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The ex-wife Grigoryeva-Appolonova of “Simons” is selling his apartment in Moscow

Marina Bankova appreciated the apartment of the former husband of 26 million rubles.

The ex-wife of Andrei Grigoryev-Appolonova of "Ivanushki-International" sells his apartment in Moscow. Square three-room "Stalinka" is 86 squares, and it is located right in the centre of the capital and is estimated at 26 million rubles. As she writes Marina Bank in obyavleniy on sale, the last renovation was 10 years ago and the home needs some updating.

Apparently, the apartment Grigoryeva-Appolonova will go to the children's inheritance. Since the Bank has left to relocate to St. Petersburg to the young basketball player Andrey Zubkov with the children, and the apartment in Moscow was no longer needed. Went Bank with "red Ivanushka" in 2019, announcing to fans that goes from it to Zubkov. And in January 2020, it became known that Marina gave birth to a new Beau son.

Despite the fact that Gregory of Apollo trying not to let on, his relatives and friends say that it is very difficult to tolerate treason and caring wife.

Milorad Vasic

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