Dec 27, 2020
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The ex-husband of Sergei Zhigunov’s beloved ordered her to pay off the mortgage debt on housing that was acquired in their marriage

09:05, 26.12.

Victoria Vorozhbit owes more than 180 thousand rubles.

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At the star “Midshipmen, forward!” Sergei Zhigunov, as it became known last year, a new lover has appeared. Journalist Victoria Vorozhbit for the sake of the 57-year-old actor left her husband Victor Sukhanov, the famous Far Eastern media mogul. The offended spouse declared war on the ex-wife, threatening to leave her with nothing.

Sukhanov went to court to sue all the property of his ex-wife, which is estimated at 70 million rubles. Together, the husband and wife owned a business that Victoria helped build her ex-chosen one. In addition, at the suggestion of Viktor, the journalist’s car and the apartment of her deceased mother were arrested. And when Zhigunov’s beloved wanted to take her personal belongings, documents and part of the collection of paintings from the house where she lived before meeting the actor, she was not allowed to enter. It was also reported that the offended media mogul, in order to annoy Victoria, was going to revoke his paternity. Once Victor adopted and adopted his son Vorozhbit from a previous relationship.

Victoria Vorozhbit

The story with the Vorozhbit property was continued. There was information that the ex-spouse filed a lawsuit against Victoria with the intention of compensating the mortgage payments made by him after parting with his wife. Sukhanov won the court, obliging the ex-spouse to pay for the mortgage house in which he lives. A mansion of 108 square meters with a large plot of land was acquired by Vorozhbit and Sukhanov during their life together. Part of the funds for the mansion had to be borrowed from the bank. Under the terms of the mortgage, the journalist and her husband acted as co-borrowers. However, after the divorce, monthly payments of almost 90 thousand rubles completely fell on the abandoned Victor. Thus, according to a court decision, Zhigunov’s beloved must pay more than 184 thousand rubles.

It is noteworthy that after the court decision came into force, Vorozhbit was in no hurry to settle accounts with her ex-spouse. For the debts, she was included in the “black list”, and at the end of November enforcement proceedings were instituted against her. Now Victoria is looking for bailiffs, reports “KP”.

Sergei Zhigunov with Vera Novikova, whom he divorced this fall

Note that Sergei Zhigunov also has debts. They are not related to the division of property acquired in a long-term marriage with Vera Novikova. The artist owes banks because of the loan taken for the filming of the film. He took it in 2014 but was unable to pay it back. There were rumors that Zhigunov needed to be paid 38 million rubles. The actor was sued, giving him a reprieve, but he did not pay off the debt. Therefore, the bailiffs arrested the apartment of the movie star on Mosfilmovskaya Street, the cost of which was 16 million rubles. For the same reason, the famous filmmaker lost his country house in the Vladimir region. The actor himself did not comment on the rumors, but at the end of September this year he published a response from the editor of one of the publications, which confirmed that the media published information about the debt, however, not Sergei Viktorovich, but his namesake. In this regard, it was decided to remove the sensational material.

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