Oct 29, 2021
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The ex-husband of Larisa Dolina spoke about her suffering after plastic surgery


Former husband of singer Larisa Dolina, Viktor Mityazov shared the details of her amazing transformation.

In September, Larisa Dolina turned 66 years old. Now the singer has lost 21 kilograms and has become noticeably younger. Valley said that for a long time she wanted to take care of herself, but could not gather her heart. When during the pandemic she gained a lot of weight, she finally decided to turn to endocrinologists. For the star, an individual diet was developed, which included foods that were right for her. The main feature of the diet is that it is no longer possible to eat after 15 hours.

The transformation of the Valley was commented on by her ex-husband Viktor Mityazov. “Of course, we still have common acquaintances musicians, I follow her fate. I am glad that now she was able to dramatically lose weight not as a result of plastic surgery, which she did a lot in her life, but thanks to willpower and diet. It’s better than liposuction. I already saw how Larissa suffered from them“, – he said.

Mityazov said that in the 90s, Dolina was on a kefir diet. According to him, Alla Pugacheva also used it. Did the Valley and plastic surgery, including liposuction, but he believes that this did not bring such stable success as the diet.

Larisa Valli
Larisa Valli

“After liposuction, everything comes back anyway. And the suffering is just terrible. Severe pain, bruising. Falling out of the work schedule for several weeks, ”added Victor. Mityazov also noted that Dolina tightened her breasts and changed her face: she removed the skin from her chin, pulled it over her ears so that the seam was not visible.

The most difficult, according to Mityazov, begins after the operation. “When you lie and suffer, because you cannot stand up or turn around, everything hurts. What is the principle of the operation: they pierce the holes in the abdomen and begin to wield a needle there, from there the fat flows. Then an incredible bruise appears. Okay, bruise, but it’s also pain! Larisa after liposuction was in a clinic in St. Petersburg. I, of course, visited her. It was impossible to look at her bruises and torment without a shudder. And so everything was visible! I suffered very much. She cried. It’s impossible to get up at first. And lying on your back, too, has no patience and urine. You cannot turn on your stomach. And to lie down for more than one day, not two. A week, or even two, she definitely stayed in the clinic“, – said the producer in an interview with” KP “.

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