May 31, 2022
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The ex-husband of Irina Saltykova walked on her


The ex-husband of the singer Irina Saltykova, Victor spoke about the artist.

Viktor divorced Irina Saltykova in 1995. It seemed that the former spouses had nothing to share for a long time, because everyone has their own life, but no … At every opportunity, both the musician and the singer throw mud at each other.

Viktor Saltykov once again could not resist and walked through the ex-wife. So, the 64-year-old performer said that Irina achieved popularity without having vocal abilities. By the way, the musician said more than once that the former allegedly built a career on his big name.

In my life there were many people who became famous without hearing or voice. My namesake (this is how Saltykov refers to Irina) also sings, but it was quite difficult with hearing and voice there“, Victor said.

Irina Saltykova - photo from the archive -
Irina Saltykova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The artist accused the ex-fiancee not only of unprofessionalism, but also … of alcohol abuse. According to Saltykov, he doesn’t even drink with his second wife, and with the performer of the hit “Grey Eyes” he could often afford too much. “What my ex-wife attributes to me is all fairy tales. Irina was only interested in money. I never saw the second wife Ira drunk, but with the first Irina they could sip specifically”, – said the singer in the program “Enough rumors!” at TVC.

Irina Saltykova, in turn, told the whole country that the former raised his hand to her and cheated. Even after so many years, the artist is not going to forgive her ex-husband for past antics. And yes, Victor is in conflict not only with the singer, but also with their common daughter Alice.

Everyone writes to me: “Why are you talking about Saltykov?” So you ask yourself. People who love me and my work will not ask such questions. The topic with Saltykov will be eternal, firstly, because he is a public person, and secondly, because he does not communicate with his daughter. How to talk about him with love? We are not so holy”, — Irina was indignant not so long ago.

If Victor does not contact Alice, then he does everything for children from his second marriage. Perhaps this offends Irina, and that is why she does not want to go to the world.

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