Jul 7, 2020
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The ex-fiancée of Prokhor Chaliapin Tatiana Guseva said that she had a miscarriage because of the singer

12:19, 07.07.2020

The woman claims that once again waited for the child of an artist.

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36-year-old Prokhor Chaliapin started his career as a singer, was a participant in the project “Factory of stars-6” and “Morning star”, but the fame because of the constant scandals. Among other things, the actor often became a variety show, with his many novels. And chosen Chaliapin prefer to choose much older than themselves. So, in 2013, the star shocked all of a relationship with a businesswoman Larissa Kopenkina, which is older than Prokhor 21 years. Moreover, the pair then officially legalized their relationship. However, their Union lasted only a year.

In 2017 Prokhor Chaliapin had an affair with Tatiana Guzeevoy. The woman was far from the world of show business, however, due to the relationship with the singer became a frequent guest on different shows. In particular, it began to invite the program “really”. The fact that Prokhorov and Tatyana often staged public scandals that eventually dismantled the experts in the show. So Prokhor learned that his lover lied to him about her age. Initially, the woman claimed that she was 27 years old, but as a result of check on the lie detector revealed that she at the time was already 39 years old.

Tatiana Guzeva and Prokhor Chaliapin

In July of last year Tatyana Guzeva gave birth to a son Fyodor. While at that time already ex-lover Chaliapin said that the father of her child is a singer. She even recorded Prochorus in the column “father” in the birth certificate of his son. The singer at that time was in a relationship with Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya, so to the news of the birth of his alleged son were skeptical. All in the same show “really” had a DNA test, the result of which showed that with a probability of 99.9 percent the father of the child Guzeevoy is Chaliapin.

It should be noted that in this communication and Tatiana Prokhorov has not ended. In February of this year, the woman accused of ex-lover that he allegedly beat her. The incident occurred on February 14, Valentine’s Day. Then it turned out that Prokhorov and Tatyana are still close, although the singer was already involved in a new relationship with a rich entrepreneur from Canada Tatiana Davis. As now tells Guzeva, Prokhorov vowed his love to her and confessed a desire to have another child.

Tatiana Guzeva son from Prokhor Chaliapin

Tatyana really got pregnant from Chaliapin the second time. Soon, however, the singer was gone again. How did you learn Gazeway, her lover again focused on relations with businesswoman Davis. According to her, friends told her about the adventures of singer who ignored all messages Guzeevoy. All this led to the fact that Tatiana was in the hospital. It was there that she learned about her interesting position. However from-for endured stress she suffered a miscarriage.

“I’m so crushed and I want everyone to know how bad he is. So much money on treatment and rehabilitation spent. All that was postponed for the children, gave everything to the doctors who save me now… I lost the baby, still lying in the hospital, kids with grandma for a while. And Prokhorov’s not what about me, he forgot about our son. Apparently, he’s back with this millionaire” — shared Guzeva with “KP”. Note that the Prokhor Chaliapin did not respond to the statement ex-lover.

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