Apr 26, 2021
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The evil genius of Ukraine, the rubbish and the balamut Arestovich, is eager for the presidency

A new contender for the “hetman mace” has appeared in Ukraine. Aleksey Arestovich, speaker of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) on Donbass, who has recently become one of the central media figures of the “Independent”, frankly admitted: “I am headed for the presidency, it’s not a secret. Then, after a couple of political cycles. ” Modest. He so subtly and skillfully imposes a certain agenda on those who are incapable of developing it independently, as if right now he is ready to replace the current president. The role of Arestovich in the latest aggravation of Ukrainian-Russian relations, which almost led to big war, special.

Alexey Arestovich

A. Arestovich

The history of the Ukrainian “Gulyai-Polye” is rich in outstanding personalities of heroes and charlatans, who were brought to the surface like foam (Makhno, Petlyura, Bandera …). Yesterday Zelensky was like that. Today he is just a boring official, trying to make a joke, but jokes in such a way that he wants not to laugh, but to cry. And this element pushed the colorful figure of Alexei Arestovich, who does not occupy prominent posts, but in terms of influence on Ukraine’s policy in the most important issue for her about Donbass, and therefore in the general political course, he is an evil genius.

A. Arestovich and L. Kravchuk

A. Arestovich and L. Kravchuk

Arestovich charmed L. Kravchuk, venerable for years, in TKG with the help of manipulation technologies familiar to him. “Grandpa” only repeats what his formal assistant puts into his head. In fact, it is not Arestovich who is Kravchuk’s speaker, but vice versa. In what the former party boss of Soviet Ukraine has been saying lately, one can feel the narrative and phraseology of Arestovich. He puts the same thing in the upper body of President Zelensky through the head of his office, Yermak, as a “freelance adviser” to the latter.

Alexey Arestovich was born in 1975 in the Georgian town of Dedoplis-Tskaro in a military garrison. He graduated from school in Kiev after the family moved there. Trained at an English language school, attended acting courses. I entered the biology department of the Kiev University. Taras Shevchenko, but dropped out of school. As a student, he became interested in the scene, becoming an actor in the Black Square theater studio. He graduated from the Army School in Odessa with a diploma as a military translator from English. He served in the Ukrainian army for 12 years (1993-2005). During the last six years of his service, he was an employee of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense. He served in peacekeeping missions in the Balkans, established contacts there with American and British officers. In 2005, with a scandal, he resigned from the army with the rank of major and went all out.

Arestovich teaches Ukraine to think

Arestovich teaches Ukraine to think

Studied theology at the St. Thomas Aquinas in Kiev. Graduated from Absalom Podvodny School of Psychology in 2010. He gave lectures and trainings on unfair manipulation, the art of communication, oratory, negotiation techniques, public speaking, the psychology of social contacts. The author of the futurological “Fifth Project”. Conducted as a psychologist and conflictologist of the show “Teach Us to Live!” on the TV channel ICTV… A sort of Kashpirovsky and Chumak rolled into one. I am ready to inspire the Ukrainian public with anything.

Arestovich teaches Ukraine to live

Arestovich teaches Ukraine to live

Filmed in commercial commercials. At the same time, he began to play in films, including in the Russian-Ukrainian TV series “The Return of Mukhtar” and “Brother for Brother”. The most memorable is his work in the role of Lyusenka Zaitseva in the film “Don’t be afraid, I’m near!”

Alexey Arestovich - aka Lyusenka

Alexey Arestovich – aka Lyusenka

Some Ukrainian authors ranked Alexei as a “blue underground”, but perhaps the image of Lyusenka was for Arestovich only a pursuit of glory (well-paid) of “Verka-Serduchka”.

Arestovich is a more refined and also acting version of Zelensky. According to many, he turned TCG into a grandiose “blood clown”. And if he still has not become a prominent public figure, then only his inability to be in a team and endless selfishness and narcissism, which are not obscured by anything, interfere. And also a penchant for mystical and conspiracy schemes. This could also hinder his presidential ambitions.

For some time, Arestovich was the deputy for the Brotherhood party of the “esoteric anarcho-fascist” Dmitro Korchinsky, traveled with him to Russia at the conference of the “Eurasian Movement” (quite possibly, on the instructions of the GUR).

Arestovich and Korchinsky in Moscow

Arestovich and Korchinsky in Moscow

Not without bravado in the spirit of “farm Nietzscheanism” Arestovich declares About Me: “I feel towards the public mass (in its current state) a feeling close to moderate disgust. I am not a patriot. And not only Ukraine, but also any national state as such. I am a patriot of the project of a united Earth in the spirit of Teilhard de Chardin and Vernadsky, Jacques Fresco … ” Nevertheless, after 2014, he began to support the “patriot” Poroshenko. With his characteristic cynicism after the Debaltsevo boiler in February 2015, Arestovich wrote: “Even if we completely lose the Debaltseve grouping, it will become a tragedy for many families, but it will not become a catastrophe that brought down the front. Even the loss of 30 thousand killed is not the most noticeable loss in terms of the rates and the scale of the game that is developing here. “… In 2017, without embarrassment, he admitted that “deliberately distorted information related to hostilities“: They say it was necessary. At that moment, Arestovich declared Zelensky’s voters “animals”, which now does not prevent them both from merging together. People’s Deputy from the “Servant of the People” Maxim Buzhansky called Arestovich “a half-dead gun-loader.” And journalist Yuri Tkachev believesthat Arestovich is not a gun-loader, but “a down-and-out swindler of the level of Gordon.”

During the last Armenian-Azerbaijani war, Arestovich became perhaps the most prominent commentator on its course. Often appearing on Baku television, he sang enthusiastic praises to the victories of the Azerbaijani army in the war for Karabakh and argued that the Ukrainian army should do something similar in Donbass and will certainly do it. Arriving at the TCG, Arestovich began to insist that the “final solution” of the territorial problems of Ukraine is close, as never before. Arestovich wrote about the work of TKG: “The Ukrainian delegation to the TCG is like a negotiator who keeps the terrorist by talking while the special forces are selected to calm him down for a long time.”

His program can be summarized in three points.

1. Completely exclude representatives of the DPR and LPR from the negotiations, having achieved the revision or cancellation of the Minsk agreements.

2. Transfer negotiations to a bilateral format between Ukraine and Russia, forcing the latter to actually admit that in Donbass it is an “aggressor” and “occupier”.

3. Carry out a “blitzkrieg” or “demonstration flogging” against the DPR and LPR, modeled on the “Karabakh campaign” with the main task of cutting them off from the Russian border.

If you look at the diplomatic initiatives and military efforts of Kiev in recent times, it is easy to see that they all fit into this simple scheme. And they all ended in failure. Ukraine for three months, starting in January, created a shock fist in the east, numbering up to 120 thousand people, pumping into it all possible forces, including forcibly mobilized reservists. Fanfare thundered, boastful speeches sounded that Donbass was about to be “crushed” in 1-3 days. The world was silent, as if nothing had happened.

To Donbass!

To Donbass!

And then, starting in April, during the three weeks of the final stage of winter military training, Russia pulled up to the border with Ukraine a grouping, comparable in size, but more powerful in technique. Ukrainian military experts recognizedthat its main task is “to keep Kiev from the use of force to resolve the issue in the Donbass.” However, everyone around, including Arestovich, made a noise that “Moscow was the first to start.” And when S. Shoigu ordered troops to return to their permanent places of deployment, leaving in the equipped points heavy weapons for the autumn exercises, in Kiev announced their “grandiose victory”.

However, Ukraine, which was also withdrawing its troops, did not solve any of its tasks, while Russia fulfilled them completely. Re-concentration of forces against Donbass will take months from Kiev. Taking into account the need to transfer personnel to the abandoned heavy weapons for Moscow, a week will be enough for this.

Russia has achieved a classic result according to Sun Tzu: “The best commander is the one who wins without fighting!” For the strategist Arestovich, it would not be bad for his extensive education to teach Confucianism in some distant monastery. And Zelensky’s entourage and himself should understand what kind of adventures such talkers will continue to involve and how harmful their “brilliant initiatives” are for Ukraine.

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