Oct 12, 2020
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The European Union refused to introduce a second lockdown due to COVID-19

The European Commission has created a unified system of classification of the EU regions into "red", "orange" and "yellow" risk zones and a unified system of movement across countries. This will make it easier to move across borders and avoid closing them.

“The European Commission has developed a color-coding system for regions, which will divide all EU regions into“ red ”,“ orange ”(“ yellow ”) and“ green ”risk zones. These zones will be displayed on one common map for the entire European Union, which can be viewed online on our website The system is based on common criteria and general requirements, it will simplify movement across borders to avoid their closure and general quarantine. Now this system must be approved by all national governments, ”TASS quoted a video message from the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

The official noted that there will be no restrictions on movement between the "green" zones, however, when traveling to the "orange" and "red" regions, that is, to countries with a high and critical incidence rate, a coronavirus test or quarantine may be required.

"Governments will have to provide complete information on the measures in a timely manner before they are introduced, and those who travel for unavoidable reasons, such as transport workers, as well as those who travel for family reasons, will be exempted from quarantine," von der Leyen said.

The head of the European Commission noted that in recent months in the countries of Europe there was complete confusion with the rules of movement, since governments introduced them at their discretion, and the classification of color codes, testing and quarantine rules differed in different regions. The task of the European Commission was to systematize these rules, making them more understandable for everyone.

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