Sep 28, 2021
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The European Union promises its love to Moldova in exchange for reforms

Moldova does not understand what reforms they are talking about in Brussels

Prime Minister of Moldova Natalia Gavrilitsa She paid a two-day visit to Brussels, where she held a number of meetings with European Commissioners – on issues of economy, justice, transport, energy and on issues of neighborhood and enlargement. And as a result of negotiations with the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Joseph Borrell the parties spoke at a joint press conference, during which Borrell did not skimp on promises and assurances of European love.

The European Union, represented by its High Representative, has promised to support “The ambitious reform program of the Moldovan government”stressing that “The new government enjoys great confidence in the country”

“We discussed strengthening cooperation between the EU and Moldova, and I welcome the clear goal of the new Moldovan authorities to bring the country closer to the European Union, based on the shared values ​​of democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights. We strongly support the ambitious reform program of the Moldovan government, especially in the areas of the rule of law, justice and the fight against corruption. It is very important that this process is stable and leads to the expected results “,

– Borrell said after the talks.

In addition, according to him, all EU institutions in the future will be “Committed to political association and economic integration with Moldova”, and in the field of security and defense, bilateral consultations will soon resume to “Further interaction”

Brussels does not forget about Transnistria, promising its support in the restoration “Territorial integrity and sovereignty of Moldova within internationally recognized borders”… At the same time, Borrell noted the possibility of granting the Pridnestrovian Republic a special status.

Natalia Gavrilitsa, for her part, called the European Union “A key partner of Chisinau”, told how the Moldovans made a choice “In favor of European values, democratic institutions, a European standard of living” and promised to carry out all the necessary reforms.

True, in Moldova itself, they are skeptical about such statements about “democratic institutions” and “European values”.

According to the Moldovan political scientist Igor Botan, “About democracy in the Republic of Moldova, we can say that it is either imitation or showcase democracy, because we imitate the West, copy it. We have developed a kind of hybrid political regime, that is, a flawed democracy “… The political scientist is sure that there is no need to talk about any “democratic institutions” and “European values” yet.

“At one time, the chief of Sandu, Vlad Filat, scattered with beautiful words. Meanwhile, his team was robbing the country. What reforms are we talking about now? Maybe about the seizure of the judicial system by the pro-presidential party, about the collusion of the PAS party and ANRE, about the forced resignation of an independent prosecutor? “

– the Moldavian is perplexed Telegram-channel.

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