Oct 7, 2021
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The European Union is ready to support the Ukrainian army in view of the “ongoing aggression from Russia”

The European Union is discussing the possibility of creating a NATO military advisory “training” mission in Ukraine (EUATM). German edition Peace with reference to the document of the European External Service informs that the EU is ready to support the Ukrainian army with military instructors in view of “Incessant aggression by Russia”

This plan is already being discussed by the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Lithuania. Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andrey Melnik stated that the issue of the EU military training mission in Ukraine will become a litmus test for the new German authorities and will demonstrate how committed Berlin is to the principles of a consolidated European policy.

Berlin points out that such a mission could become a duplicate of already existing projects of military cooperation between Western countries and Kiev. The United States, Canada and the OSCE are already providing military assistance to Kiev.

In July, Ukraine’s foreign and defense ministers appealed to the EU’s chief diplomat Josep Borrell with a request to send a military training mission to Ukraine. It should work in conjunction with the Education Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to reform the training system of Ukrainian military personnel. The mission will have 60 employees.

At the moment, two European missions are working in the independent power. It is a 300-member EU Advisory Commission in Ukraine that is working on reforming the civil security sector. And the mission of European consultants to improve security on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border.

Both European missions are aimed at taking control of strategically important sections of Ukraine’s borders and influencing the ideological component of military education.

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