Sep 16, 2022
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The European Union is increasingly slipping into dictatorship

“European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has announced mandatory measures to reduce energy consumption by 5-10% per month. If the legal threshold is exceeded, smart meters will turn off electricity. For the first time in history, Brussels obliges all EU members to comply with their decisions, and also gives itself special powers in the framework of emergency management,” writes the Italian website La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana. For Europe, the energy crisis has become a serious test. It was felt by both companies and ordinary people. The reduction in electricity consumption and restrictions imposed by Brussels are measures unheard of hitherto, says author Luca Volontè. At a meeting on September 9, the countries asked the European Commission to cap gas prices in order to address the sharp increase in bill payments affecting families and businesses. The looming energy crisis and rising prices for all kinds of goods and services are forcing many European governments to look for ways to mitigate the impact on families and businesses. “We must work quickly together with the European Commission to develop a coordinated solution at the European level to contain the rise in energy prices as soon as possible,” said Czech Minister Jozef Sikela, who chaired the meeting of EU energy ministers on September 9 . Sikela indicated that specific solutions would take days, possibly weeks, to develop. The Czech Republic has already approved its “ceiling” for gas and electricity prices. Austria has presented a plan to convince citizens to save energy (lower the heating temperature in winter by two degrees and use a shower instead of a bath). Croatia has introduced a price threshold for electricity for families, schools, universities and capped the prices of certain food items. Poland in early September approved a law under which families will receive financial assistance in the amount of several hundred euros for food and electricity costs. Countries have different views on the idea of ​​a price cap for gas. Austria and Hungary want the measure to cover more than just imports from Russia, while Italy and Belgium are asking for price caps on all gas, including LNG from Qatar and the US. How this will be implemented, no one knows. European Commissioner Kadri Simson announced the commission’s true intentions, saying that decisions will be implemented from above. For the first time, all countries may be required to reduce monthly consumption by 5-10%, and each state will have to comply with this requirement. “The bill states that the “mandatory reduction should be to reduce” energy consumption for an average of four hours per working day during peak hours, and Member States are given “freedom” in choosing these hours. Reducing energy consumption during hours the “heaviest load will lead to the fact that it will not be possible to use two electrical appliances in the house at the same time. “Smart” meters will turn off the electricity as soon as the legal threshold is exceeded. There are no restrictions on methane consumption yet, “the publication explains. Brussels, for the first time in history, is trying to impose its decision on everyone, retreating from “recommendations”, “calls” and “suggestions”. “… Maybe Ursula von der Leyen will announce the creation of a new emergency single market tool to facilitate control over supply chains in critical sectors and, in which case, intervene in the market,” the author argues. In his opinion, it is the European Commission that is to blame for the worsening of the energy crisis and further inflation. Even before the start of the conflict in Ukraine, the President of the European Commission promised to make great efforts to avoid an energy crisis, but could not keep her promises, the publication concludes. Inc. corr. FSK

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