Sep 8, 2021
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The European Union has not found a way to solve the crisis in Belarus – Latushko

Pavel Latushko. Photo:

Fugitive oppositionist outraged by the contradictory actions of the West

The European Union does not have a strategy for Belarus. This statement was made by one of the opposition leaders Pavel Latushko, speaking at the International Economic Forum in Poland.

The former head of the Ministry of Culture of the republic stated with bitterness that at present Brussels does not have a developed strategy for resolving the “crisis in Belarus”, which, the oppositionist expressed confidence, is no longer of an intrastate, but of a regional nature.

For example, Latushko said that official Minsk had stopped cooperating with the EU within the framework of the Eastern Partnership, the EU’s program for the development of integration ties with six countries of the post-Soviet space, which included Belarus. The policy of the “Eastern neighborhood”, the oppositionist said, should be reduced to cooperation, but the “Lukashenka regime” cut off all ties.

The fugitive oppositionist also expressed bewilderment that Minsk was able to receive a loan tranche from the IMF, despite sanctions from the European Union and the United States. The West, he believes, should continue the policy of non-recognition of the current government of the republic.

“Introduce sanctions, and then you give the regime a billion dollars,” Latushko said indignantly.

Earlier, Latushko said that Moscow and Brussels have already discussed the terms for the settlement of the internal Belarusian crisis, having designated specific dates. At the same time, the Russian side, the NAU leader assures, intends to seize the initiative in order to decide the fate of local authorities “with their own hands” to ensure their own interests.

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