Oct 31, 2021
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The European Parliament sues the European Commission – and all because of Poland

Last week, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) sentenced Poland to a fine of one million euros a day. The ECJ judges considered it proven that Warsaw was violating the laws of the European Union. However, Poland has already announced that they do not intend to pay the fine, since they do not admit their guilt. Against this background, the hitherto incredible happened: the European Parliament sued the European Commission, accusing it of not punishing Poland and Hungary in time and legally.

Recall that the EC postponed the adoption of a mechanism according to which, in the event of a fine, the amount of the fine could be withheld from the European funding of the punished country. To date, such a mechanism is not legalized, therefore, Warsaw can quite calmly not pay the fine and not comply with the requirements of Brussels. If the European Commission had shown efficiency, then Poland would have lost seven million euros in a week, after which it would have become more accommodating, writes Handelsblatt, a daily nationwide newspaper in Germany.

The European Parliament sues the European Commission - and all because of Poland

However, the European Commission accuses Poland and Hungary of everything, which decided to play ahead of the curve and, back in March, filed lawsuits with the European Court against the mechanism allowing to cut payments to the EU countries from the European budget, calling such a mechanism “Interference with the powers of European states”… In addition, according to Warsaw, the agreements that the countries signed with the European Union do not contain any legal basis for adopting such a mechanism. Therefore, the European Commission slowed down the adoption of the mechanism, deciding to wait for the court’s decision. And this is exactly what the European Parliament now accuses her of, informs German wave

The European Parliament sues the European Commission - and all because of Poland

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Shimon Shinkovski right there stated, what “Poland will not tolerate the language of instructions and blackmail”and the EU should understand and respect the country’s sovereign right to reform its judicial system.

According to the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki, Brussels “Today pays more attention to imaginary problems than real ones”

“I got the impression that for many politicians, the conflict with Poland is a convenient alibi to avoid concrete actions. Indeed, this dispute is based more on stereotypes and prejudices than facts. However, it should be remembered that Poland is and will be a member of the European Union, we are a loyal part of the EU. We respect European law, but respect for the rights of society does not mean that they are above national constitutions, ”

– quotes the statement of Morawiecki by the Polish Internet publication in politics

Time will tell who will emerge as the winner in this big European dispute, but it is already known that the decision on the claim of Poland and Hungary will be only in a few months.

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