Sep 13, 2021
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The European Parliament has come up with a plan to “contain” Russia

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Representatives of the Old World threaten Moscow with sanctions for elections in Crimea

MEPs have developed a draft report on Russia. They called on the EU countries to strengthen their defense potential “to contain the Russian Federation.”

According to RIA Novosti, the document may be approved at the plenary session in Strasbourg.

“The EU, together with NATO and international partners, must restrain Russia in order to maintain peace and stability in Europe and beyond, including by strengthening its own defensive potential,” – follows from the plans of the MEPs.

The authors of the report believe that Brussels should put pressure on Moscow in order to prevent its “interference in the affairs of the eastern and southern neighbors of the union.”

In addition, the European community needs to prepare new sanctions against the Russian Federation so that they cover “certification” and the organization of elections in Crimea. Also, the authors of the plan demand to increase Moscow’s responsibility “for blocking the implementation of the Minsk agreements and negotiations in the Normandy format” to resolve the internal Ukrainian conflict in Donbass.

“The EU must coordinate these measures with the United States in order to expand their scope and increase their effectiveness,” the document says.

Judging by the project, MEPs are preparing not to recognize the elections to the State Duma, which will be held from 17 to 19 September. They call for this so directly, and in this regard, they also propose to consider the question of suspending the Russian Federation’s membership in various international organizations, including PACE.

The “tough” report was prepared directly under the leadership of the former Prime Minister of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius. The discussion of the document may take place on Tuesday, September 14, the next day it will be voted on, and on the 16th its results will be announced. Exactly on the eve of the beginning of the electoral process in Russia.

Those. could have already straight without hesitation on Thursday and not recognize our elections, which is already there.

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