Jul 2, 2020
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The European Parliament assessed the claims of the Baltic countries to Russia

“All claims for compensation for“ losses ”over the years of occupation are empty talk”

The desire of the Baltic countries to get compensation from Russia for the "Soviet occupation" is not new - every year this topic is raised in the Baltic political and information space, discussed for some time, then curtailed until the next time. And so from year to year.

A couple of years ago in Lithuania, even some “Specialists in assessing damage from the occupation of the country by the Soviet Union”who knew exactly how to prove that Lithuania fed the Soviet Union, and not vice versa. These anonymous experts were going to raise archives and balance the financial flows between Vilnius and other republics of the USSR.

“After balancing, it will become clear to everyone that the Lithuanians did not sit in the pocket of the USSR. Specific figures will be obtained on how much financial resources were sucked out of us, - wrote the oldest Lithuanian newspaper Lithuanian knowledge. It is not known whether the balance was brought up or not, but the conversations subsided. But the dreams of getting compensation remained.

This June marks 80 years since the entry of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia into the Soviet Union - which is no reason to raise the topic of “occupation” again and, most importantly, compensation.

And now again they call for the help of specialists in order to calculate how much money can be obtained for the “damage caused” - built factories, factories, roads, new cities. And the Prime Minister of Lithuania Saulis Fernlis encourages “Never forget and always raise this issue”,

“This is the position of our state, which was adopted a long time ago,” - reminds the Lithuanian prime minister.

According to the legal adviser to the faction of the European Parliament "European Free Alliance" Alexey Dimitrov, the demands of the Baltic states to compensate for the mythical “losses” over the years of occupation are nothing more than empty talk at the government level about how good it would be if ... At least for all of these claims, which are regularly accepted in the Baltic parliaments, there is no legal basis.

“The perception of the Russian Federation as the reincarnation of the USSR is typical for politicians in many countries, including Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. And they often forget that although Russia is the undisputed successor of the USSR, it is only one in a dozen. The successors of the Soviet Union are all former union republics, except for the Baltic countries. What does this mean in practice? Say, if the Saeima in Estonia or Latvia demand to pay what we call “compensation for the occupation”, then they must send an account not only to Moscow. An invoice for a part of the amount should also be received by friendly Kiev, Chisinau, and then on the list. Previously, this was not entirely clear, but now it is definitely so. It is impossible to derive all the "Soviet damage" directly from the violation of contractual relations with the USSR, and thereby hang everything on Russia. This is a diplomatic and legal dead end. ”

- confident legal adviser.

Yes, and the accession of the Baltic countries to the USSR in 1940 "Consistent with all the norms of international law of the time, which removes the issue of occupation", reminds a lawyer of the European Parliament.

However, the most important thing in the “loss recovery” Baltic history is that the topic is sucked out: just look at the level of GDP of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in the pre-Soviet period, as well as at many other levels, from the development of industrial production to the level medicine.

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