Mar 31, 2021
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The European Commission has filed a lawsuit against Poland because of the judicial reform adopted there

The European Commission has filed a lawsuit against Poland over violation of the rights of judges and the principle of independence of the judiciary in the country, said European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reinders, reports TASS.

According to him, the EC began the procedure for eliminating violations of Poland in April 2020, the law on reforming the country’s judicial system came into force in February last year.

In its lawsuit, the European Commission demands the repeal of the Warsaw law on the reform of the judicial system or the suspension of its operation, with the immediate cancellation of all provisions concerning the suspension of the powers of judges.

It is clarified that this legislative initiative presupposes the disciplinary responsibility of judges for actions of a political nature. The Supreme Court of Poland indicates that the reform may lead to the exclusion of the country from the European Union.

As a reminder, in July 2017, the law “On the Supreme Court” came into force, which gave the Polish executive authorities the right to renew the mandate of judges after they reach the retirement age reduced to 65 years. The European Commission considered that this violates the provisions of the EU treaty, and went to court with a demand to temporarily suspend the reform.

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