Oct 15, 2020
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The euro rate rose to 91.4 rubles

The weighted average euro exchange rate for "today" settlements on the Moscow Exchange increased by 60.9 kopecks compared to the result of previous trading and amounted to 91.4002 rubles.

During trading on October 15, the euro rate fluctuated in the range of 91.2425 - 91.6675 rubles. The Russian ruble fell against the US dollar by 0.28% - to 78.17 rubles. A total of 3,931 transactions totaling 25.778 billion rubles were concluded at the single trading session of the Moscow Exchange.

As wrote, Russian banker Ilya Polyakov described the situation in the foreign exchange market as very chaotic and difficult to predict. Therefore, according to him, Russians should keep their savings in the currency in which the funds can be spent in the future. The banker believes that the orientation in market trends is difficult for retail clients to understand, it is difficult for them to guarantee earnings on speculative foreign exchange transactions.


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