May 15, 2020
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The EU talked about the fate of “visa-free” for Ukraine

Visa-free regime is not associated with the epidemic / Photo by

The coronavirus pandemic is not a reason for revising the conditions of a visa-free regime with Ukraine. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the European Commission's Directorate General for Neighborhood and Enlargement Policy Katarina Maternova.

"A visa-free regime is not associated with an epidemic. In the end, even if to reason logically - how would the restoration of the visa regime help in counteracting the epidemic? ", Maternova said in an interview with European Truth.

It is also known about the threat of visa liberalization for Ukraine for some other reasons. According to her, there are no discussions on this topic in Brussels.

"The European Commission carries out an annual review of compliance with visa liberalization, and we can pay attention to ( states whose citizens travel without visas) on some indicators, but there was not even a reason for such a discussion regarding Ukraine. And, again, there is no connection between visa liberalization and the current crisis, "she added.

At the same time, Maternova did not predict when Ukrainians could again go to the EU.

"We are not yet at the level where we can talk about opening borders. We have created" green lines "for goods, but for passenger traffic remain very numerous restrictions even within the EU, "she said.

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Recall earlier the chief state sanitary doctor of Ukraine Victor Lyashko told when and under what conditions in Ukraine a decision will be made on opening border points.

As you know, from 02 March 2020 Ukraine has closed the borders for passenger transport - it is a question of both the possibility of leaving the country and entering it.

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