Oct 12, 2021
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The EU noticed that Lithuania violates the rights of refugees

Vilnius has already received the first part of the EU financial assistance for the maintenance of migrants – about 30 million euros

The migration crisis in Lithuania seems to have suddenly turned on a completely different side.

Commission of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency arrives in Lithuania Frontex to carry out checks of the agency’s reports, which refer to the constant violation of human rights by the Lithuanian border guards, who forcibly force refugees into the territory of Belarus and refuse to accept their applications for asylum. In Lithuania itself, migrants in their places of residence are deprived of basic necessities, including timely medical assistance.

Meanwhile, just last week, the former head of the Constitutional Court of Lithuania Dainius Zalimas warned that the government will very soon have to explain itself to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

“I would advise Lithuanian judges to carefully study international practice and think about how to build a defense. There is no other way yet. Refusal to provide necessary medical care according to the laws of the European Union is equivalent to inhuman treatment of people, ”

– the lawyer reminds.

According to him, Lithuania is in no hurry to provide medical assistance to refugees, arguing that they do not contribute to the social insurance fund, without thinking about the absurdity of such an explanation.

Observer from Frontex on fundamental rights Katarzyna Wenzel told reporters that the agency is investigating at least 14 reports of serious incidents on the Lithuanian border. We are talking about the collective displacement of migrants, which, according to EU human rights organizations, is a violation of the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Head of the Lithuanian State Border Guard Service (SOGGL) Rustamas Lyubaevas for his part, he assures that the border guards in all cases acted strictly in accordance with the law. And the law of Lithuania says: refugees can apply for asylum at the embassies of Lithuania and at border checkpoints, in all other cases they are considered as border trespassers.

“We have made a decision in our national law that one can get to Lithuania only by legal means, that is, through a border control point or through a request from the embassy. There is no other way to get to Lithuania, and our officials are taking action. In each case, officials assess the situation, and if humanitarian, medical or other assistance is needed, it is provided, ”

– assures journalists the Minister of Internal Affairs Agne Bilotaite

However, the increasing number of deaths of migrants and their children, who were left without medical assistance, testify to the opposite.

The investigation of the Frontex Commission did not prevent Vilnius from receiving from the European Union almost 30 million euros for the maintenance of migrants and for “ensuring the provision of basic services to refugees who have entered Lithuania.” This is the first part of European financial aid.

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