Apr 30, 2022
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The epitome of cyberpunk dystopia

Article One

So, Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret came to the conclusion that “The pandemic will further accelerate innovation by catalyzing the technological changes already underway…and the ‘turbocharging’ of any digital business or the digital dimension of any business.”. And the digital business, constantly and avalanche-like progressing, will introduce such technologies that people will easily be replaced by robots, since “The pandemic will accelerate the adoption of automation in the workplace and the introduction of more robots into our personal and professional lives”.

As a first sign, the practice of shopping over the Internet is given. During the lockdown, this habit took root and strengthened, creating many new jobs, strengthening the “retail giants”: “In the US, Amazon and Walmart have hired a total of 250,000 workers to cope with rising demand and have built massive infrastructure to deliver goods online. This accelerating growth in e-commerce means that the giants of the online retail industry are likely to emerge from the crisis even stronger than they were in the pre-pandemic era.”. And most importantly, it makes us dependent on our mobile phones and computers: “…Companies in sectors as diverse as e-commerce, contactless, digital content, robots and self-driving deliveries (to name but a few) will thrive.”.

Thrive, Schwab teaches us, online education: “… The world of education, like many other industries, will become partially virtual”. I, unlike Schwab, think that this will lead to the stupidity of the masses, since online education will never compare with the traditional contact of students with teachers. In his quest to digitally imprison people, Schwab knows no bounds. For example, if the increase in the number of online banking transactions from 10 to 90% while meeting a high level of requirements is a completely understandable result, then the replacement of sports with “online sports”, “e-sports” cannot withstand any high requirements. And therefore, it will not bring any benefit. Why do athletes change normal sports to e-sports?

However, Schwab is sure that digital applications and the covid lockdown have already forced humanity to change their habits, as they say, through “I don’t want to”: “…Watching movies online instead of going to the cinema, ordering food delivery instead of going to a restaurant, chatting with friends remotely instead of meeting them in real life, talking with colleagues through the screen instead of chatting at the coffee machine, exercising online instead of going to the gym, and so on. …” These habits will later become a way of life. People will get used to their prison stuffed with electronics. “Many of the technological behaviors we were forced to adopt during our imprisonment will become more natural through habit. As we socially and physically distance ourselves, relying more and more on digital platforms to communicate, work, seek advice or order something, we are slowly reclaiming positions from previously ingrained habits..

And, as a result, these transformations will bring more and more money to the jailers. Klaus Schwab is not shy about the fact that rivers of gold flow into the pockets of the “chosen”: “In April 2020, just as the pandemic began to sweep the world, governments around the world announced multi-trillion-dollar stimulus programs, as if eight or nine Marshall Plans were put into effect almost simultaneously. Covoid-19 has rewritten many of the rules of the game between the public and private sectors.”. The idea of ​​rewriting the rules of the game is extremely reminiscent of the ideas of a police state, fascist parties, always ready to take advantage of emergency circumstances to accumulate funds to their advantage. Like fascist functionaries who stole “Gold for the Motherland”: it is known that after the war, wedding rings donated by the Italians were found in the houses of “Mussolini’s friends”, curtains were attached to the gold rings.

However, wedding rings are such a small thing compared to personal data provided for someone else’s use: “No voluntary contact tracing app will work if people are unwilling to provide their personal data to the government agency that monitors the system; if any person refuses to download the application (and therefore withhold information about possible infection, movements and contacts), this will negatively affect everyone.”.

With the advent of the “new normal”, even traditional slavery will seem like a picture of relative freedom: “The corporate movement will be directed towards increased surveillance; For better or for worse, companies will observe and sometimes record what their staff is doing. This trend can take many forms, from measuring body temperature with thermal imaging cameras to monitoring via an app how employees are practicing social distancing.”. Is it not for these proposals that the chairman of the board of directors and the chief executive officer of the company pfizer Henry McKinnell named Schwab “a man truly devoted to a noble cause”?

So what is the intended outcome of the transhumanist Fourth Industrial Revolution? The complete excommunication of man and humanity from their rights and freedoms. From production control, to self-sufficiency, to self-service. The slightest failure in the system – and a person will have nothing. He himself will not be.

The “Great Reset” involves tax increases and centralized control over the distribution of income, with an emphasis on “equality” and a restructuring of the social environment. Perestroika with the destruction of the middle class, small and medium-sized businesses. All these categories will merge with the lumpen class living on handouts. Well, the richest will become even richer. Schwab is not shy about talking about it directly: “Digitalization of everything and everything, including the abolition of cash, will make the dependence of 99% of the population on the top management class total”.

In a word, those who have the right to vote in the management of the enterprise will become shareholders who do not have the right to vote. We are waiting for the embodiment of dystopia in the style of cyberpunk. Mankind, seated in cages, like animals in a zoo, served by “special people” and knowing such slavery, which it did not know before.

What “coercive measures” is this world ready to take to ensure the advent of the “new normal”? Who else to collaborate with? In the list of participants already Prince Charles, UN Secretary-General António Guterres, and World Bank Executive Director Kristalina Georgieva are present, demanding no delay “put nature at the center of all activities” I “build fair, inclusive and resilient economies and communities that are more resilient in the face of pandemics, climate change and many other global changes”.

Indeed, how not to save nature at the cost of human freedom? Especially when it is persistently advised by the rich and powerful.


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