Sep 17, 2021
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The elections in Moscow began with a stuffing about electronic voting and "dead souls"

The electronic voting system in Moscow is stable. It is as stable as the authors of fakes about system failures and “dead souls” allegedly taking place.

Since early morning, the media and social networks have been spreading messages that the electronic voting system in Moscow is unstable. Like, it’s impossible to go in and vote! In fact, it turned out that there are no problems. Although, as noted by Aleksey Venediktov, head of the Moscow election observation headquarters, DDoS attacks did their bit.

The online voting system is stable. It is reliable, safe and ready for attacks, including DDoS, ” Venediktov said, adding. – Nothing has fallen, people are queuing to vote.

Including Venediktov’s statement is cited by Moskovskie Novosti.

The voters themselves also spoke about the “queue”. The waiting time, as stressed by the writer, political expert Mikhail Konev, was 22 seconds. Addressing those who were allegedly worried about the collapsed system, Konev left a post on his personal Telegram channel, stressing that “the voting system works like a clock – do not look for problems where they do not exist, they will find them without you.”

Journalist Sergei Minaev also spoke about the alleged failures of the electronic voting system. He also emphasizes that users consider a couple of seconds a “long waiting time”. Minaev considers the claims to be unfounded.

There were also frank stuffing about the course of voting at the polling stations. For example, they wrote allegedly about “dead souls” – identified and fixed. The information was not confirmed.

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