Dec 29, 2020
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The effectiveness of the vaccine against COVID-19 of the Chinese manufacturer Sinovac was estimated at 97%

Company spokesman Iwan Setiawan said that full data on the effectiveness of the vaccine is being collected. Presumably, permission for emergency vaccinations will be obtained from the local regulator at the end of January.

On November 17, Sinovac Biotech scientists published the results of early and mid-term trials of their vaccine in The Lancet Infectious Diseases. It follows from the article that CoronaVac has been shown to be safe and has developed a rapid immune response in volunteers. At the same time, the levels of antibodies in those vaccinated during the tests were lower than in those who had had COVID-19. However, this did not affect the vaccine’s ability to protect the body from the pathogen, scientists say.

Brazilian authorities have previously suspended the third phase of clinical trials of CoronaVac in their country, citing “serious adverse effects.” According to media reports, the Brazilian health surveillance agency Anvisa received reports of some serious side effects in late October, details of the incident were not disclosed. Generally, death or threat of death of a patient, disability, hospitalization, or transmission of infection through a medical device are considered “serious adverse effects”. Clinical trials were resumed three days later.

Currently, five types of coronavirus vaccines are being developed in China: inactivated (made from microorganisms), with recombinant protein, adenovirus, based on nucleic acids and live attenuated influenza vaccines. One of the vaccines produced by Cansino Biologics is being tested in Russia.

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