Sep 23, 2022
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The effectiveness of bariatric surgery

The effectiveness of bariatric surgeryThe effectiveness of bariatric surgery

People who are overweight use a variety of approaches and methods. And among the general number, bariatrics, which is carried out by qualified surgeons, stands out. In the process, skilled surgeons make some adjustments to the digestive system. The human body adapts to certain portions of food for 10-12 months. It is during this period that the body most actively burns the fat layer. In addition, physical activity also increases.

Approximately a few years after bariatric surgery has been performed, the weight loss process stops. There is a chance of a weight rollback (its size can be from 3 to 5%).

Will the weight come back?

Some people who are just thinking about having bariatric surgery wonder if the weight will come back. There is a small rollback. And it is no more than 5%. This is due to several key reasons.

  1. Quite strongly, the effectiveness of surgical intervention depends on whether a qualified surgeon performed the operation, what technology was used. That is why it is very important to choose a professional who is able to implement everything quickly and competently.
  2. Another important point is the observance of all recommendations prepared by professionals. Undoubtedly, these recommendations are easy to implement, but it is important to exercise willpower.

What gives bariatrics?

Experts note that bariatric surgery gives a unique effect. With its help, you can not only get rid of excess weight. Additionally, you can recover from diseases that have arisen due to obesity. Some time ago, they conducted relevant research. And with their help, it was possible to find out that it was bariatric surgery that made it possible to get rid of hypertension, sleep apnea, and diabetes.

Bariatric surgery is an effective way to lose weight

Although there are many ways to deal with excess weight, in recent times people prefer surgery. This is due to the fact that conservative treatment, although it brings the desired effect, but it is short-lived. Bariatric surgery is a unique area with which you can significantly reduce weight. But it is very important to follow the basic conditions and recommendations that are prepared by the doctor.

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