Jan 4, 2022
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The effect of swear words on your body

The effect of swear words on your body

Now everyone understands why an obscene language is needed and why it should in no case be used in life.

There are many “legends” about how the swearing language appeared, and the two most common versions: the emergence of swearing in the criminal environment from prison jargon, and the appearance of swearing as encrypted words describing genitals and sexual relations. You have heard both of these versions very well, but they are extremely far from the truth. Let’s figure out what a mat is, when it appeared and why it is needed.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide any clear and compelling evidence of the information that will be described. But this information is the most accurate, as it is based on legends and descriptions that have been preserved in their ancestral books by the Slavs and Rossi who live in the ancient tradition to this day.

MOTHER language (mother tongue) is the language used by the Magi to address Mother Earth. This type of language was compiled by the Magi several hundred thousand years ago in order to use this language to conduct rituals that enhance the influence of the deep energy of the planet earth and its bowels. Image words of this language cause certain vibrations of the sound wave. And also generate an image. Acting on the subconscious and the surrounding reality, disturbing a powerful energy vortex going from the center of the Earth to a person who utters a word (phrase). Initially, the mat was used only by the Magi for complex rituals associated with deep purification of energy, sorcery, and the expulsion of energy entities. And also by the Wars before the beginning of a difficult and fierce battle.

The heavy energy of the mother earth, caused by the spoken phrases, reveals all the hidden reserves of the body and helps to overcome the barriers of perception and energy limitations. Warriors who knew how to correctly apply the art of “mothers” could continue the battle for several tens of minutes after their actual death. The Magi, using this art, could have a powerful effect, even on the most stubborn patients. With all this, this type of language has always been closed and limited.

The reason for this is quite simple and utilitarian: an unprepared person who does not know how to control powerful flows of energy can irreparably suffer from the impact caused by the pronunciation of even one word. The heavy energy of the earth enters the body of the speaker with lightning speed and in a huge volume. If you do not immediately apply the entire volume of this energy or throw it back into the ground, then it breaks the energy shell of a person, like air breaks a pumped ball.

In everyday life, this manifests itself in a gradual deterioration in health, aggravation of existing diseases, the emergence of new ones, as well as degradation and stagnation of thought processes (dullness). Now let’s take a look at what is happening in the modern world. It is enough to go outside and before you have time to walk 20-30 meters, you will certainly hear some swear words or even phrases from somewhere. Almost everyone is in the habit of swearing: men, women and even children who have listened to their parents, and then our health authorities tell us that the situation with the health of citizens is getting worse and worse every year. Here are some examples of what happens when the mat is misused:

Men – the aimless use of the mat causes unreasonable aggression in men and leads to the formation of inadequate irascibility, therefore men who like to insert a strong word into a conversation are most often cocky and pugnacious. Plus, men who use foul language by their middle years have not a developing and limited brain, and as a result of this, extremely limited thinking. Frequent use of swearing also leads to depression of the cardiovascular system and sexual function. This means that it increases the risk of diseases such as ischemia, heart defects, heart attacks, heart attacks, strokes, prostatitis, adenoma, etc.

Women – in women, the aimless use of the mat is reflected primarily on the genitourinary system, inhibiting the sexual and procreation functions. Powerful energy emanating from the earth breaks the protective sheath of the genital organs and inhibits the gene pool and the “energy force” of the woman’s sex cells. It can also be accompanied by concomitant sexually transmitted diseases. Plus, women who use swear words and expressions become like men, that is, at the energetic level, they become more and more masculine.

That is why, one can notice a tendency in which women who use “strong expressions” most often periodically consume strong alcoholic beverages, constantly consume low-alcohol drinks and most often smoke. Assimilation to men leads to a deterioration in the health situation and leads to a transition to a non-intuitive way of thinking (not typical for women). Women who use foul language, most often either cannot have children at all, or give birth to children with congenital abnormalities and diseases.

Children – I will not broadly describe the situation with children, since the effect on a young, fragile organism is exactly the same as on adults, but intensified several times.

I also want to note that the place where people swear is saturated with heavy “negative” energy. Being in such a place or next to swearing people will not lead to a deterioration in the health of ordinary people, but it will certainly create unpleasant sensations and a negative mood. Long stay near swearing people (during the year) can lead to poor health.

Be attentive and follow not only your speech, but also the speech of the people around you.

Make them comments and reprimands, because if they do not want to take care of their health, then let them take care of the health and emotional background of others. Encourage men, women, and especially children and young girls when you hear obscenities in the street. Your authority can influence the improvement of the situation around.

I hope that now everyone understands why an obscene language is needed and why it should in no case be used in life. Hello everyone!

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