Feb 15, 2021
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The EC considers the ban on broadcasting of the BBC in China and CGTN in Britain to be different things

The official spokesman for the European Commission’s foreign policy Nabilla Massrali called “completely different things” the Chinese regulator’s ban on the BBC’s broadcasting in China and the UK’s previous ban on the Chinese TV channel CGTN broadcasting in English in the country.

As reported by TASS, answering questions from Chinese journalists, Massrali said that the BBC broadcasting ban in China restricts freedom of speech and freedom of access to information. The European Commission condemns such actions. Regarding the revocation of the license from the Chinese television station CGTN in the UK, Massrali said she “will not further compare the two different cases.”

CGTN, which broadcasts in English, has its license revoked because the channel violates UK law by allegedly not controlling editorial policy.

Recall that the General Directorate of Radio and Television of China has banned the broadcasting of the BBC World News TV channel in the country, as the channel violates the “principle of reliability and impartiality.” The channel, in particular, showed reports on the fight against the pandemic in China.

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