Jan 11, 2021
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The drunken brother of the bride threw a tantrum with tears

brother threw a tantrum with tearsA wedding day is almost always not only a joy, but also a certain stress. Moreover, both for the groom and the bride and for their relatives.

brother threw a tantrum with tears

A resident of Jiujiang (Jiangxi Province, China), who loves his sister very much, was convinced of this. On the wedding day, the man’s relatives were seized with mixed feelings – he was both happy for his little sister and did not want to part with her, letting her go to another family.

brother threw a tantrum with tears

As a result, the brother tried to calm down with the help of alcohol, but made it worse and threw a tantrum with tears. The scene, filmed on video, seemed tragicomic to the audience – an eccentric, hugging his sister, causes both pity and a smile.

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