Aug 17, 2022
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The driver lost consciousness while driving and managed to drive at least 25 kilometers

the driver passed out while drivingMotorists who were driving along the road leading to Leuven (Belgium) were surprised and frightened when they realized that one of the road users had lost consciousness.

the driver passed out while driving

Eyewitnesses warned emergency services and the police that a car was moving along the highway, which no one was driving. The car was moving at a steady pace and was drifting along the lane from left to right. Later, the car hit a protective barrier on the side of the road and stopped. The police officers arrived and saw that the 41-year-old motorist had still not regained consciousness by that time. The driver was taken to the hospital, where doctors confirmed that he was not injured in the incident.

the driver passed out while driving

It is noteworthy that the strange trip lasted at least 25 kilometers. The police suggested that in this situation, the lane change assistance system and the car’s cruise control came to the rescue. The assistance system repeatedly returned the car to the middle of the lane, and the cruise control kept the speed of the vehicle stable and constant.

The car did not hit the child thanks to the excellent reaction of the father


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