Sep 17, 2020
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The dollar rate rose to 75.28 rubles

At the opening of trading on the Moscow Exchange on September 17, the dollar rose 0.41% against the ruble, while the euro fell 0.03%.

According to the trading platform at 10:00 Moscow time, the dollar exchange rate was 75.275 rubles, the euro rate was 88.5325 rubles. Four minutes after the start of trading, the dollar was given 75.19 rubles, for the euro - 88.505 rubles.

The Moscow Exchange index at the opening of trading dropped by 0.92%, to 2947.54 points, the RTS index fell by 1.07%, to the level of 1238.42 points.

As wrote, the dollar has risen in price by about 7% over the summer. The risk of a further fall in the ruble still remains, judging by the strengthening of geopolitical risks. Potentially, by the end of the month, the ruble can support oil in case of growth, as well as the intention of the Central Bank from October 1 to sell about 185 billion rubles.

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