Dec 31, 2020
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The dollar has risen in price by 20% in relation to the steering wheel over the past year

The dollar has risen in price by 20% against the ruble in 2020. The euro rose 32%.

The exchange rate was affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the weakening of investors for the entire group of risky assets in the outgoing year, as well as the aggravated geopolitical background.

At the end of the last trading day of the year as of 23:54 (Moscow time), the dollar rate increased by 0.51% to 74.415 rubles, the euro rose by 0.93% to 91.518 rubles, writes TASS.

As of December 25, the euro exchange rate set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the weekend and Monday fell immediately by 1.47 rubles – to 89.87 rubles. The official dollar exchange rate was also depreciated by more than one ruble: from 74.84 to 73.69 rubles. In 2019, the dollar exchange rate was fixed in the region of 61-63 rubles due to the growth of the world oil market, when the price of a barrel of Brent oil rose to $ 66.

Earlier reported that the euro rate on the Moscow Exchange on December 30 rose to 92 rubles. It only lasted a week below this level.

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