Sep 14, 2020
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The dollar at the opening of trading fell to 74.85 rubles

At the opening of trading at the Moscow Exchange on September 14, the dollar fell by 0.27% to 74.85 rubles compared to the closing price of trading last Friday.

The euro exchange rate fell by 0.29% to 88.59 rubles, according to data as of 10:00, writes TASS.

As of 10:05, the dollar is traded at 74.63 rubles, the euro - at 88.42 rubles.

Russian market indices are growing at the opening of trading. The Moscow Exchange index rose 0.27% to 2918.29 points, the RTS rose 0.1% to 1224.12 points. By 10:07, the Moscow Exchange index grew by 0.6% - to 2927.74, the RTS index - by 1%, to 1235.69 points.

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