Sep 15, 2020
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The dollar and the euro fell at the opening of trading

At the opening of trading on the Moscow Exchange on September 15, the dollar depreciated against the ruble by 0.43%, and the euro - by 0.13%.

As of 10:00 Moscow time, the dollar rate dropped to 74.95 rubles, the euro rate - to 89.14 rubles. Five minutes after the start of trading, the dollar traded at 74.98 rubles, the euro - at 89.11 rubles.

The Moscow Exchange index at the opening of trading added 0.27% and reached the level of 2936.42 points, the RTS index rose by 0.06% to 1229.16 points.

As wrote, since the beginning of 2020, the Russian ruble has depreciated significantly in relation to world currencies. Financiers advise keeping savings in the Swiss franc, which investors have called a "safe haven". The conclusion is based on research based on the results of the first eight months of 2020, during which the European currency gained 30.5% against the ruble. The second line is occupied by the euro, which added 30% against the Russian currency.

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