Jul 18, 2020
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The doctors didn’t believe Fadeev, who had lost 100 pounds without surgery

Producer Maxim Fadeev in June surprised fans with a photo with your achievement. He stood before them, greatly emaciated, and stressed, that she lost 100 pounds without surgery. Nutritionist Kovalkov Alex didn't believe a famous creative person.

He recalled that Fadeev named water as the main factor for weight loss. The doctor found it almost impossible to lose 100 pounds in six months without harm to the body. When the food will be problematic to do in a year.

"Always comes the so-called plateau: this is the time when you eat smaller meals, but the weight stands still. At this time, the body adapts to the circumstances, changing the metabolism. And to get out of this plateau can only use the boot days. We doctors know how to do it, but to cope with this impossible," — say the expert.

Alex Kovalkov suggested that after such weight loss Fadeev had to do a "plastic". He noted that dropping 100 pounds, he otherwise must remain the excess skin that is not realistic to ignore, because we are talking about almost 18 kilograms.

Nutritionist Alex Kalinchev stressed that with such a degree of obesity does not work alone to lose weight even in a year. He explained that it's not a diet, need help of several specialists. The process will take years.

"Mainly because it is based on an eating disorder, and to treat such obesity is possible only with the help of psychotherapists (since the cause of such obesity is in the head) and endocrinologists," — said the doctor.

In his opinion, extreme weight loss is possible after reduction surgery of the stomach. In addition, will require the intervention of a surgeon and in order to remove excess stretching of the skin.

The specialist added that it is necessary to lose weight under the supervision of doctors, but none of the doctors would not approve the process of discharge of 100 kilograms for six months. The expert reacted negatively to the fact that a public figure advertises a way to lose weight.

Informed expert in weight loss and fat burning Stanislav organisations commented on the training running and weight loss process that allowed Fadeev to lose weight twice, says "Evening Moscow".

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