Dec 31, 2020
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The doctor warned of the risk of becoming bedridden after a mild form of COVID

Doctor Koichi Hirahata from the Tokyo Hirahata clinic spoke about the consequences of a mild form of coronavirus infection, RIA Novosti reports.

It is known that Hirahata has been creating a database of people suffering from the consequences of the coronavirus since March this year, and today this list includes 378 names. According to the specialist, the consequences of the transferred coronavirus are sometimes much worse than the disease itself.

As he noted, more than a third of patients who showed the effects of COVID-19, including children, subsequently became bedridden. At the same time, there are more women among them than men, in general, the disease had the greatest impact on young people up to 40-50 years old.

“In other words, just that age category, in which the course of the disease is considered the easiest, gives more serious consequences after the disease,” the expert explained.

Meanwhile, those with asymptomatic disease are most susceptible to severe consequences. Each patient, as the scientist noted, has several symptoms at once, it can be weakness, depression, depression, headache, inability to formulate a thought, difficulty breathing, hair loss, lack of appetite, taste and smell. These symptoms may subside over time, however, according to Hirahat, they are unlikely to completely disappear.

Earlier, the most unusual consequences of the transferred coronavirus became known.

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