Oct 10, 2021
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The doctor said about the mortal danger for Saakashvili in prison

The doctor of Mikhail Saakashvili, who was arrested in Georgia, said that he was in mortal danger in prison. Saakashvili announced a hunger strike in prison.

The doctor of ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili, who was arrested in Georgia, said about a sharp deterioration in his health after 10 days of hunger strike.

“His condition has worsened, he can hardly move, it is difficult for him to speak … with his permission, I inform you that Saakashvili has a blood disease – thalassemia (hereditary genetic disease occurs when hemoglobin genes are damaged – ed.),” RIA Novosti quoted the doctor as saying Nikoloz Kipshidze.

According to the doctor, this disease is not fatal, but Saakashvili “absolutely must not starve,” the doctor intends to visit the politician again in Tbrme tomorrow and transfer him to a hospital. According to the doctor, it is difficult for a politician to move and speak. Kipshidze noted that Saakashvili lost 14 kg.

The doctor also denied the statements of the head of the Georgian prison system that Saakashvili is eating honey and drinking juices in his cell. “He said he decided to fight to the end,” the doctor said.

Saakashvili was detained in Georgia on October 1, he is a defendant in several criminal cases.

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