Oct 24, 2021
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The doctor named three effective ways how not to break loose during a diet.

The doctor named three effective ways how not to break loose during a diet.

Keep track of the amount of food you eat throughout the day

During a diet, no one is safe from a breakdown. It can happen to both a professional athlete and a person who has just started taking the first steps towards their ideal weight. Perhaps, only people with strong willpower and who know how to cope with a strong desire to eat something harmful to the figure did not break the diet. American nutritionist Ayat Sleimann told about the most important secrets of ideal and comfortable weight loss.

Panic break button

According to the expert, an insatiable desire to eat something high in calories may indicate that the body is not getting enough nutrients with each meal to normalize blood sugar levels.

Therefore, many do not manage to improve their health, nutrition and figure, because in the hope of quick weight loss, they are taken for the most severe diets, implying restrictions in everything, including in their favorite products. However, as you know, such methods are very unsafe and do not bring any result, except for disappointment and a damaged nervous system.

Comfortable weight loss methods

Fortunately, there are some pretty effective ways to help eliminate hunger without disrupting your diet. The most effective ones were told by an American nutritionist.

Firstly, everyone who is losing weight needs to know that each meal should be complete and balanced, that is, it should consist of dishes rich in all the necessary nutrients: fiber, healthy fats and protein. This is the only way to saturate the body and not feel hunger for a long time.

Second, you need to eat more protein at lunchtime, rather than carbohydrates. For dieters, this substance is important, first of all, because it helps in the transport of other substances in the body. In addition, thanks to it, the blood quickly carries vitamins, hormones and oxygen throughout the body.

Thirdly, in order to control your emotional state and not break down, you need to monitor the amount of food eaten during the day. It should be enough for saturation, the expert summed up.

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