Oct 18, 2021
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The doctor named the most harmful and useful foods for diabetics

The doctor named the most harmful and useful foods for diabetics

The dietitian also recommends eating greens more often.

People with diabetes should be careful about what they eat.

Diabetes obliges

As soon as the diagnosis “diabetes mellitus” appears on the patient’s card, he has a duty in relation to his health – to monitor the level of glucose in the blood. It is easy to do this using modern devices. It is much more difficult to control what is on your plate and whether this or that product will harm your health.

Endocrinologist and nutritionist Seda Musaeva told what foods diabetics can eat, and which ones should be abandoned forever, and why.

What foods should you eat?

Foods with a low glycemic index will be beneficial for diabetics. These are apricots, pears, milk, cherries, eggplants, mushrooms, black currants, lettuce.

You need to include in your diet and foods high in fiber: bran, legumes, fruits (passionfruit, avocado, raspberries, blackberries), almonds and whole grain breads. Fiber will help to quickly remove harmful cholesterol from the body and normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

– If the food is regular and balanced, then the glucose level will not jump, – the doctor assures.

The dietitian also recommends eating greens more often: lettuce, spinach, bok choy, and celery. They remove toxins from the body, strengthen the immune system, promote saturation with magnesium, calcium, vitamins. In addition, leafy greens effectively, and most importantly, quickly lower blood sugar levels.

Without health concerns, diabetics can eat sweet potatoes: due to the presence of slow carbohydrates in them, sugar will not be absorbed as quickly as usual, which means there will be no harm to health.

The nutritionist also draws attention to the fact that it is important for diabetics to drink a lot of plain water. Not less than one and a half liters per day. Indeed, due to a lack of fluid in the body, blood sugar levels rise rapidly.

Foods prohibited for diabetics

– For patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, I recommend absolutely excluding sugar, sweets, chocolate, cookies, sugary drinks, carbonated drinks, alcohol from the diet. There will be no benefit from them, and each product is capable of aggravating the course of the disease, – noted Seda Musaeva.

Foods with a high glycemic index should also be banned: dates, beer, shortbread cookies, pasta, honey and muesli with dried fruits.

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