Oct 21, 2021
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The doctor named foods that destroy the brain

The doctor named foods that destroy the brain

Improper diet can cause irreversible inflammation in the brain, memory impairment and other health problems.

It is not by chance that the brain is named the most important organ in the human body – the way its “owner” looks and feels depends on his health. At the slightest malfunction in the head, literally all organs and systems suffer. This also impairs cognitive functions, that is, memory, attention, speech, praxis (purposeful activity), gnosis (orientation, recognition of place and time) and thinking.

There is only one way to prevent this process – to start leading a healthy lifestyle and review your diet.

Foods that harm the brain

It turns out that even foods that are familiar to everyone and beloved by many can negatively affect the work of the brain. The more a person eats them, the more chances that his brain will sooner or later begin to malfunction.

Nutritionist Dimitar Marinov explained which foods should be cut or excluded from the diet to prevent brain diseases.

In his opinion, one of the main reasons for the deterioration of brain function is the abuse of sugary foods. Especially those containing synthetic sugar.

– The functioning of the brain is highly dependent on blood sugar levels. It affects insulin, which regulates the supply of amino acids to the brain. They are responsible for the formation of the sleep hormone. An excess of sugar can even lead to hyperglycemic coma, – said the nutritionist.

However, ditching sugar entirely would be a mistake. After all, this decision can also negatively affect the health of both the brain and the body as a whole. For example, memory, thinking will deteriorate and it will be very difficult to solve previously favorite logical puzzles. Moreover, in some cases, a complete cessation of sugar consumption can lead to regular cases of short-term loss of consciousness.

Alcohol is also classified as hazardous to brain health.

– Even irregular alcohol consumption can lead to memory impairment and brain damage. If you need alcoholic beverages, try not to drink more than one glass of wine, beer or a shot of liquor, the doctor warns.

Vitamin, without which the brain is bad

For normal brain function, nutritionists recommend that you include in your diet foods rich in vitamin B12, which protects nerve cells. The required trace element is found mainly in animal products such as meat (beef), offal (liver and kidneys), seafood (shellfish, sardines, tuna), fish (trout, salmon), dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese) and eggs.

– Symptoms of a B12 deficiency are poor memory and depression. This can lead to irreversible consequences for the nervous system. Those who avoid animal products or do not eat enough of them suffer from a lack of vitamin B12, especially after the age of 50, says the nutritionist.

However, at the same time, many of the foods rich in vitamin B12 can damage the brain if consumed in excess. Fatty meat, cottage cheese, lamb, mud and other fatty foods, and in the language of scientists and doctors, “which contain a lot of saturated fat”, can negatively affect the mental health of a person. They have been shown to increase irritability and depression.

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