Sep 6, 2021
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The doctor exposed Anastasia Makeeva’s “illness”

The exact condition of Anastasia Makeeva remains unknown. Everyone knows only what she herself divulges on the network. The journalists wondered what exactly the actress’s diagnosis meant and tried to figure it out.

For a more detailed clarification, several questions were asked to a professional ENT doctor Alexander Mikhailovich Gorovoy. The specialist explained that in general it means the very disease that the artist allegedly suffers from.

The doctor exposed Anastasia Makeeva's

The physician explained: “Hemorrhage into the vocal cords due to a nervous breakdown is impossible. There must be a physical impact, for example from screaming. If this happens, then it is necessary to refrain from exertion for two weeks and follow the doctor’s instructions. After that, you can gradually increase the load, as with athletes. There is no problem with that. Everything is treated if the doctor’s prescriptions are followed correctly. Otherwise, relapses are possible. “

From this answer, it becomes more than clear that Makeeva is simply fooling everyone around, and most likely, even lying to her own husband, Roman Malkov. The man just the other day broke the alarming news that his wife is in the hospital, as she was hospitalized. And haters and journalists are to blame for everything.

The doctor exposed Anastasia Makeeva's

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