Nov 11, 2021
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The disadvantaged offer to save the well-off, or Some comparisons

The United States has once again swung to the role of the savior of mankind

Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes (Fear the Danaans and those who bring gifts).

Virgil “Aeneid”

Washington decided to lead the efforts of the international community in the fight against the “pandemic”. Joe Biden called on America for a total vaccination, which he expects to complete by the end of the year. Even now, the United States cannot be regarded as lagging behind in this matter. As of November 9, the proportion of those fully vaccinated there was 57.77%. And the share of partially vaccinated people is 67.22%. This is not some Zambia with indicators equal to 1.86 and 2.95%, respectively; or the Democratic Republic of the Congo with rates of 0.04 and 0.12%; or Nigeria with indicators of 1.46 and 2.69%.

I propose to evaluate countries in terms of mortality rates associated with covid.

Tab. 1.

The shares of the most populous countries in the total population of the Earth and in the total number of deaths after infection with covid


Share in the world population,%

Share in the total number of deaths in the world after infection with covid,% *

Deviation of the proportion of deaths from the proportion in the population (times) **




– 170.2




– 1.96
















































– 3.53

DR Congo




















* Cumulative deaths from the start of the pandemic to 10 November 2021
** The “minus” sign means that the proportion in the number of deaths is less than the proportion in the population; plus sign – excess of the proportion of the number of deaths over the proportion in the population. In fact, the given figures mean deviations from the world average mortality rate

Sources: “List of states and dependent territories by population” (Wikipedia); Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) // Our World in Data.

Table 1 shows those states, each of which has a population exceeding 1 percent in relation to the total population of the Earth. There are 17 such countries in total, from China to Germany. The total share of these countries in the total population of the planet is 69.38%.

In total, on November 10, the number of deaths after infection with covid since the beginning of the “pandemic” amounted to more than five million (exact figure: 5.084.6 thousand people). In terms of the number of deaths, the United States is in first place (778.3 thousand, or 14.96% of the total number of victims in the world). This is followed by Brazil (12.06%), India (9.13%), Mexico (5.73%). Russia is in fifth place (250.5 thousand, or 4.80%). As for China, being the most populous country in the world, it is not even included in the top twenty countries in terms of the number of deaths after infection with covid. This is based on the official Chinese statistics, but it is doubtful. China is terra incognita for me, and I exclude it from my further consideration.

Of the 17 countries surveyed, 10 have mortality rates below the global average. This is a group of “relatively well-off”. It includes: China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Japan, Ethiopia, Philippines, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Vietnam. If we exclude China, then the top three most “prosperous” countries should include the DRC (mortality rate is 64.5 times lower than the world average), Nigeria (45.7 times), Ethiopia (11.5 times).

And the group of countries with mortality rates higher than the values ​​of the share in the world population, that is, the “disadvantaged” countries, includes the other seven states: the USA, Brazil, the Russian Federation, Mexico, Iran, Turkey, and Germany. The three most “disadvantaged” are: Brazil (mortality is 4.7 times higher than the world average), Mexico (3.6 times), the United States (3.55 times). Russia is in fourth place (2.6 times).

The incredibly large variation across countries in relative covid mortality rates requires special analysis. At one pole are Brazil, Mexico and the United States; on the other, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria and Ethiopia. The gaps in relative mortality rates are measured many tens of times. For example, in Nigeria, the total number of deaths after infection with covid is currently 13.4 people per 1 million inhabitants. And in the USA there are 2337 people per 1 million, that is, almost 175 times more. In Russia, by the way, this figure is also very high – 1,715 deaths per 1 million inhabitants.

How can such gigantic differences be explained?

Perhaps an explanation of the differences should be sought in the peculiarities of the settlement of people and the peculiarities of their habitat? However, this version is not very convincing. For example, in Mongolia, the population is very dispersed, the density is extremely low. Even at the beginning of summer, the relative mortality rate there was almost zero. And now people in Mongolia are dying quickly. On November 11 – 1840 deaths, or 561 deaths per 1 million inhabitants. And this is in a country where the distance between groups of people can be many kilometers! We need to look for some other factor that has begun to operate in recent months.

My opponents can say that the large spread in the covid mortality rate is due to the fact that accounting and statistics are poorly established in many countries (primarily economically backward ones). I do not argue, but mortality is registered there. Moreover, in my opinion, they qualify the cause of death no worse, and even better, than in Western countries. That is, they write honestly: he died of pneumonia (or from cholera, cirrhosis of the liver, etc.). But in Western countries (in the same USA), the statistics of covid mortality is greatly overestimated. I have already written about this many times. Such statistics are needed in order to create a demand for vaccine drugs and make vaccination mandatory. These are the rules of the game imposed by companies Big Pharma… According to American experts, mortality due to COVID-19 is at least 2-2.5 times less than the official figures; if we proceed from this, in reality, due to COVID-19, 300-350 thousand people have died in America by now. Also, of course, there are big losses. Evidence That American Medicine Can’t Heal.

And the vaccination imposed on the Americans from these losses also does not save. Moreover, it causes new deaths. According to the VAERS information system, as of October 29, 18,078 deaths were registered in this system after vaccinations against COVID-19. According to the latest estimates of American experts, human losses from vaccinations recorded in the VAERS system are underestimated at least tenfold; and if so, it turns out that the number of human victims exceeds 180 thousand.

This is an American tragedy, but Washington wants to export the tragedy to other countries.

By the method of deduction, you gradually come to the conclusion: the key causes of high mortality in “disadvantaged” countries are the peculiarities of the organization of health care and the peculiarities of methods of combating the covid virus. I dare to say that the health care system that has evolved in many “civilized” countries over the past century is not aimed at treating people and is not interested in keeping people healthy. This system is based on the so-called allopathic medicine and drugs. Big Pharma… The emergence of some new disease or infection for ordinary people living in such countries can pose a serious threat. However, for allopathic medicine and companies Big Pharma this is a chance that can and should be used. This is a new market and new billions.

And the “COVID-19 pandemic” once again demonstrates the cynicism of those public and private structures to which people continue to trust their health by inertia. The United States is the model for a “dysfunctional” country. Through the Internet, I learned about dozens of literate and honest American doctors who say that the human losses from the current vaccination will ultimately be greater than from covid itself (the main vaccine drugs Pfizer and Moderna have a prolonged lethal effect; VAERS only records deaths within 28 days of injection). They also say that there are alternatives to current vaccinations in the form of a number of drugs for treating patients (some of them even have a preventive effect). Thus, the famous American doctor Vladimir Zelenko has accumulated good experience in treating those infected with covid (thousands of those rescued). Doctors are pushing for clinical trials and registration of such drugs, but the FDA medico-pharmaceutical regulator does not allow them to be shot. The stake is on Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Arrived Big Pharma above all.

WHO officials are constantly lamenting about the “backwardness” of health systems in most of the countries of the “poor South”. They really leave a lot to be desired, but at least they don’t kill people or put them on a needle. Big Pharma… Better “backward” health care than the Western model, which is implanted by WHO in the countries of the “poor South”. And along with this model, products are planted Big Pharma… North American civilizers, together with WHO, have made great strides in countries such as Brazil and Mexico. Or Mongolia, which in a matter of months migrated from the “prosperous” group to the “disadvantaged” group: a massive blitz vaccination of the population was carried out there.

“Civilizers” from the United States and a number of other countries of the “rich North” who are part of the “disadvantaged” group present themselves as “saviors” of those countries that did not particularly notice the “pandemic” and which, without exaggeration and quotation marks, can be called prosperous in this sense. I wrote about the humanitarian and pharmaceutical “aid” of the states of the “rich North”, especially the United States, to the countries of the “poor South”. Some of the countries of the “poor South”, thanks to Western “help”, have already moved into the group of “disadvantaged”. The task of the USA and the WHO is to make the whole world “dysfunctional”.

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