Nov 26, 2021
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The demand from politicians is different. Personnel and ideological crisis in the Communist Party

The latest scandalous events related to deputies of different levels from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation have once again raised the issue of the personnel crisis in it. According to some analysts, it is possible that the personnel difficulties of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation are associated not only with the internal problems of the party, but in general with the crisis of the left agenda in the country and the world.

The Expert Institute for Social Research (EISI) proposed to leading Russian experts in the field of domestic and world politics to discuss this issue on the RIA Novosti media platform today during the round table “KPRF-2021: personnel and ideological crisis”.

Life in a different reality

The main opposition party has been in crisis for a year or even a year and a half, as the moderator of the conversation, director of the Center for Political Analysis and Social Research, noted. Pavel Danilin… And lately she has been accompanied by a whole series of scandals. “And this is a tendency,” Danilin believes, “which shows that things are not going well inside the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Recently the secretary of the Central Committee of the party Sergey Obukhov he even announced a “short list” of candidates for the presidential elections, which suggests that within the party there is a search for at least some persons who can be introduced to society. ”

Communist MP Artem Samsonov, detained on charges of pedophilia.

The political scientist, political observer of the radio station “Moscow Says” called the communists populists Alexander Asafov, meaning their use of topics that, according to him, “have no practical solution, but are good for the public”: this is the monetization of benefits, and the cancellation of the pension reform, as well as criticism and denial of the coronavirus pandemic up to marginal positions with the involvement of conspiracy theorists and anti-axers. And all this in order to attract the electorate, to which the Communist Party had no relation before.

By all this, according to Asafov, the party has created an ideological reality that does not intersect with reality. “I think,” said the political scientist, “that this very logic has led the communists, who are creating their own informational reality, into a trap. And I am sure that they will continue to look for a new electorate, including among the marginal field. ” All this Asafov called an ideological and personnel crisis.

Are they leftists?

Head of the EISS expert council Gleb Kuznetsov does not believe that the left-wing international agenda is in some kind of crisis or inconsistent. “The CPRF has nothing to do with the leftist ideology,” he said, “or with communism. And if any deputy of any European parliament from the left party would find himself in a situation willingly, like Rashkin, then fellow party members would have finished with him in 10 minutes. “

According to Kuznetsov, the factions of the left parties in the European Parliament are associations of communist parties and environmental parties; their agenda pays great attention to the problems of sustainable development and environmental issues. And all over the world, the left is fighting for the prohibition of hunting, because today it is not a vital necessity, it is primarily “the occupation of rich bums.”

According to Kuznetsov, the current Communist Party of the Russian Federation is not so much a leftist as a right-wing conservative party. “They are not so much close to the Laborites and to the continental left Europeans, – said the expert, – as to the Republicans in the US and conservatives in the UK. And they are called communists by and large by mistake. And the left leadership, most likely, in Russia will be taken away by someone else. “

“Years since 1996, – added Director of the Institute of the Newest States Alexey Martynov, – the communists abandoned the struggle, the party assumed the comfortable role of a kind of conditional opposition, which feeds from the same trough, from time to time pretending to be something of itself. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation degrades with every cadence due to its inertial position, having forgotten about all the ideas of Marxism and the ideas of the truly left. ”

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation called the machine for the production of fakes during a round table political scientist Anna Fedorova… In her opinion, it is not appropriate for politicians in times of crisis, when, according to the law of the functioning of public consciousness, ordinary people are subject to fears and try to draw scary stories in their imaginations, rely on something irrational and archaic such as stories about chipping, death from vaccines, etc. “From politicians, especially from representatives of authoritative old parties,” the expert said, “the demand is different: their job is to calm people down, to reason, to convince them, to show by personal example that vaccination is right and not scary.”

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