Apr 18, 2021
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The deeper into Ukraine, the thicker the partisans

The deeper into Ukraine, the thicker the partisans

Photo: Maxim Pub / TASS

Kiev’s American partners continue to express “concern” over Russia’s “disrespectful attitude” towards Ukraine’s territorial integrity. And they promised to help “nezalezhnaya” in meeting her self-defense needs.

The corresponding statement was made by the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who yesterday held consultations on the Ukrainian issue with the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

But as follows from the speech of the head of the Pentagon, the support will be exclusively material. That is, the United States will, as before, supply Ukraine with its “instructors”, “some weapons” and “non-lethal materiel.” The Americans are not going to fight for Ukrainian “nezalezhnost”.

It turns out that all the hopes of the president Zelensky and his gop-campaign that NATO and the United States will protect them, if anything, from the “Russian invasion”, have no prospect – they will have to save themselves on their own. But since the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in direct clash with the army Shoigu there is no chance, then the entire population must be put under arms.

It doesn’t matter at all that Russia is not going to attack Ukraine. Those who are in power in Kiev today are not guided by common sense, but by their own sick imaginations.

Zelensky promised back in December last year: if it is necessary to repulse the “enemy”, to mobilize everyone – both men and women. And recently this desire was legislatively enshrined in the new National Strategy of Military Security, where it actually calls on the population to prepare for a guerrilla war.

And I must say that he is not the first one who began to brandish the “cudgel of the people’s war.”

Once a companion Poroshenko, a former Gauleiter of the Ukrainian-occupied part of the Donetsk region Pavel Zhebrivsky threatened to deploy throughout the country “an incredible partisan movement” and kill “Russian invaders” “from every corner, from every tree in hundreds of thousands.”

About the same, the odious general has repeatedly made loud statements Krivonos, ex-deputy secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, confident that the Russian army, although objectively stronger, will never be able to defeat the “prepared Ukrainian people.”

But recently, the topic of “partisanship” in the circles of the so-called “patriots of Ukraine” began to sound especially often.

87-year-old ex-president Kravchuk suddenly pulled out of the bins the Nazi gun he had taken from him Goering and promised to shoot back from the “enemy” to the last bullet. The “cunning old fox” has already realized that American soldiers will not come to defend Ukraine. Therefore, he is now trying to play a different game – “the people will become a wall and stop the aggressor.”

Already even Lyashko – the main Ukrainian “radical” is going to go to war in the Chernigov forests with his “polished trunk” so that “the invader from the north burns the ground under his feet.”

– This government has no chances to launch a wide partisan war in Ukraine, – I am sure member of the Militia of Crimea and Donbass, publicist Igor Druz… – Due to at least geographical conditions. There is too little forest, except perhaps the Carpathians and Polesie, and too few hard-to-reach places.

Of course, one may object to this that there is also little forest in Afghanistan, but the locals are waging a guerrilla war quite effectively. In fact, Afghanistan has a huge number of old underground tunnels that were dug in due time for irrigation. In addition, the population there is very hostile to the Americans.

On top of that, they have been fighting for many years, and for them it has already become a familiar state.

The situation in Ukraine is completely different. Apart from purely geographical conditions, which are clearly not suitable for covert action. The “city guerrilla” is also impossible – due to the fact that huge masses of the population are still loyal to Russia, and they will immediately hand over the underground fighters and militants, let’s say, to the authorities of the LDNR, if they enter there.

That is, if we imagine the option that, indeed, the troops of the LDNR with the help of Russia enter there, then a huge number of the population – even in Western Ukraine – would greet them with flowers.

I must say that there are still more supporters of non-adherence to NATO in Ukraine than supporters of entry into this organization. Despite thirty years of rabid propaganda.

And, besides, the population itself, including ordinary nationalists, will not fight. These are no longer the nationalists who were, say, in the 40s. last century. Even the most ardent of them will not sit in caches to death.

“SP”: – Why? Look, Lyashko with a dozen like-minded people has already gathered …

– And who will lead these “partisans” to military achievements? A comedian president who gave concerts in the DPR for money at one time?

Everyone knows that in April 2014, in the midst of the Russian Spring, Zelensky gave concerts in Gorlovka.

He will be the first to escape. All the oligarchs, the entire top Ukrainian, in the event of the entry of our troops, would immediately repaint and immediately declared that they have always been Russian. Or just run away. Because each of these so-called “patriots” has a bunch of foreign passports and real estate abroad.

In general, all these calls for partisan war are absolutely frivolous and stupid. But it makes a propaganda sense.

“SP”: – Which one?

– Now Ukraine has been given the task that once in the camps set the lessons for their young assistants. They sent such a shket to the novice inmate, and he would begin to bully the newcomer and demand money. And when the impudent received a physical rebuff, experienced criminals already came out with the question: “What are you, a bad person, offending children?”

This is approximately the same role assigned to Ukraine. And that is why they started voicing about guerrilla warfare. The task of Ukraine is to attack and get in the face.

And after that there will be more serious sanctions against Russia, there will be the introduction of NATO troops into Ukraine – i.e. it takes a reason.

Every time Ukraine voted about its troubles, or rather, not Ukraine, but the occupation regime that had established itself on it, new sanctions were imposed against us. This is what they are trying to achieve now. This is what this whole propaganda campaign about guerrilla warfare is for.

A myth is being prepared in advance that the unfortunate but not broken Ukrainian people were forced to go underground.

“SP”: – And who, I wonder, they predict for the role of the executioner Shukhevych?

– This one, although the executioner, really, but, at least, was ready to risk his life, not only to shed someone else’s blood. The current ones are ready to shed only someone else’s blood, and they will not risk their lives, in principle.

AvakovFor example, the second person of the state, the Minister of Internal Affairs, was the first to escape from the Maidan in 2014, as soon as he heard that Berkut was starting an operation to disperse the demonstrators.

And the rest are the same.

That is, they are just rich people with several foreign passports. The entire top of Ukraine is Russian-speaking and cosmopolitan. It has nothing to do with this political Ukrainians at all. This is just a “tool” for her, which she can change at any time for a new one, becoming an ardent defender of the national interests of the United States, Israel or any other country where they will eventually flee.

Chairman of the Patriotic Association of Donbass Alexey Selivanov also believes that there will be no nationwide partisan struggle in Ukraine.

In his opinion, “the only type of partisan struggle that can be implemented in modern conditions in Ukraine is not partisan, but sabotage and terrorist struggle. And such a struggle is taking place in Donbass – from time to time the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian special services send sabotage groups to the territory of the LPNR, which commit acts of terrorism and attempts on the leaders of the militia. “

This activity, he notes, “is intrusive and immoral. However, you cannot call it particularly effective. Several militia commanders were killed and several mines were blown up. But in general, this did not affect the defense capability of the republics. “

Therefore, the sense of the Ukrainian defense strategy, Selivanov is sure, is not in the “partisan war.” And not in “territorial defense”. And in the shaking of the air.

“As stated in the text of the strategy, it is based on ‘all-encompassing defense’ to the aggressor – on land, sea, air and information space. That is, on PR and chatter, ”he sums up.

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