Jan 29, 2021
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The deceased Vasily Lanovoy left a substantial inheritance

The famous Russian theater and film actor Vasily Lanovoy died at the age of 87 on the evening of January 28 in one of the Moscow medical institutions.

The deceased Vasily Lanovoy left a substantial inheritance

The artist contracted COVID-19 in early January of this year and was hospitalized in the hospital. At the same time, on January 2, he did not feel very bad. However, in the final days, Lanovoy’s condition worsened greatly, and he was even connected to a ventilator.

After his death, Vasily left a substantial inheritance to his relatives. He had a house in the suburbs of Moscow, in the village of Vnukovo, which he started for a million dollars, at the moment realtors estimate it at half a million dollars. He also has an apartment on the Arbat. In this elite area, the cost of three-room apartments starts at 50 million rubles.

At the moment, the date and place of the funeral is unknown. Already many famous people and colleagues in the shop have formulated their absolute condolences to the widow in connection with his death.

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