Oct 15, 2020
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The deceased daughter of Vladimir Konkin rented the apartment given to her by her father secretly from him

10:49, 15.10.2020

The actor bought Sofia real estate in Khimki.

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The death of the daughter of the star of the film "The meeting place cannot be changed" Vladimir Konkin became known on September 24. 32 year old Sofia drowned in the swimming pool of the capital's fitness center. Eyewitnesses of the incident noticed that she was drowning, pulled her out of the water and provided first aid. Then Sophia was handed over to doctors, who took her to the Botkin hospital. A few hours later it became known that Konkin could not be saved.

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Provision of services that do not meet security requirements." Konkin's lawyer today Yulia Nitchenko told the details of the interrogation of the actor in connection with the death of his daughter Sophia. According to the human rights activist, the artist takes the death of his daughter very hard and was recognized as a victim in the case. She noted that during the interrogation, the actor said that he and his daughter had no conflicts, and he supported Sofia in everything.

Vladimir Konkin with his daughter Sofia and granddaughter Alisa

However, Sofia did not tell her dad about her lover. Mikhail Serove, with whom she cohabited. During interrogation, Vladimir Konkin suggested that his daughter simply did not want to upset him. The details of Sofia's secret earnings were also revealed. “My client said that he was outraged when he learned that Sofia and her roommate Serov rented out an apartment in Khimki without his knowledge! After all, it was bought specifically for Sofia, and Konkin did not give anyone a power of attorney for the right to dispose of the property, "the MK lawyer quotes.

By the way, Nitchenko spoke about the appointed forensic computer examination, during which it will be checked whether the recordings were deleted from the video cameras in the fitness center. The lawyer is sure that "the fault lies entirely with the club." “The questions why the employees of the fitness club allowed Sofia to go to classes, if she was drunk, and where the duty trainer was when she was drowning, remain open,” Yulia Nitchenko stressed.

Sofia Konkina and her lover Mikhail Serov

We add that even before the Konkina family arrived with the doctors of the Botkin Hospital, where Sofia was hospitalized, Sofia's cohabitant Mikhail Serov, who was the first to learn about the incident, managed to talk. Director Vladimir Konkin told about it Elena Peresleni... “We saw Mikhail at the Botkin hospital when it was clear that Sofia would not survive,” Pereslenia said. She emphasized that Vladimir Konkin was not familiar with his daughter's beloved, since Sofia herself chose with whom to communicate and live. The relatives of the deceased found out about Mikhail only in the hospital. At the same time, director Vladimir Konkin emphasized that no one is trying to accuse Serov of anything.

Recall that at the moment the investigators have almost completely restored the circumstances of the death of the daughter of actor Vladimir Konkin. It is known that Sofia came to the fitness center alone and immediately went to the pool. Besides her, there were three guests of the club in the room. One of them saw how Sofia became ill and, according to him, almost immediately pulled the woman out of the pool from a depth of about 1.6 meters. Another man gave her first aid. The accident occurred between 22.00 and 23.00 hours. However, the employees of the fitness club called doctors only at 23.30.

Sofia Konkina with her lover Mikhail Serov

It is worth noting that some have suggested that Konkina could have taken her own life because of debt on loans. However, the family's lawyer Yulia Nitchenko strongly denies this version. The lawyer adds that Konkina loved her daughter very much Alice and would not want to leave her alone. The lawyer noted that if Sofia was experiencing financial difficulties, she would have turned to her father.

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