Oct 15, 2021
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The death toll in the events in Beirut rises to seven – media

The death toll in the shootout in the Lebanese capital has risen to seven, Al Hadath reported.

According to media reports, 32 people were injured, some of them are in serious condition.

On Thursday, in Beirut’s Al-Tayyuni and Badaro neighborhoods, unidentified snipers fired at peaceful protesters from the rooftops. On October 14, six dead and several dozen injured were reported in the shootout.

The Lebanese army brought armored vehicles into the city and threatened to open fire to kill anyone who went out into the street with weapons.

The head of state, Michel Aoun, in his address to fellow citizens, condemned attempts to aggravate the internal political situation in the Lebanese capital.

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati declared 15 October a day of mourning for the dead.

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